Come and try Bushcare to help our local environment

From Bellbird Park to Rosewood, Bushcare volunteers are eager to welcome new helpers willing to lend a hand with on-ground environmental improvement.

With 10 Bushcare sites across Ipswich now returning to their regular working bees after the festive season, it is the ideal opportunity for residents to come and try volunteering with Bushcare.

Woogaroo Creek Bushcare at Bellbird Park is one of the program’s newer groups, meeting monthly for a working bee at the end of Eugene Street.

Group leader Keith McCosh said being involved with Bushcare was personally rewarding as well.

“We have a dozen or so people involved at Woogaroo Creek, and they are a great bunch of people. It’s special that this community has assembled and are working together for something significant,” he said.

“It’s very social, I think that’s why people like going there.

“You find out about other environmental things going on, and you are part of a whole community of enthusiastic people with environmental interests who love the landscape we are living in.”

Mr McCosh said by doing a bit of work each month, consistently, the group had made a noticeable difference in their regeneration efforts.

“At Woogaroo Creek you are working on an extremely interesting area. You will learn about weeds, the old Woogaroo Scrub and the special native species that are in there,” he said.

Mr McCosh said Woogaroo Creek was a significant place with interesting ecological values.

“It’s a remnant of the once quite well-known Woogaroo Scrub. It’s quite an unusual gallery rainforest, which is a subtropical rainforest found along creeklines and it’s quite a significant wildlife corridor,” he said.

“By doing community planting and Bushcare at Eugene Street, it is part of making people aware of the landscape they live in, and that this is our home – with housing and wildlife together.”

The Ipswich City Council Bushcare program has sites at:

  • Garden of Eden Project, Cribb Park, North Ipswich
  • Masons Gully Regenerative Project, John Street, Rosewood
  • Peace Park Arboretum, Matthew Street, Rosewood
  • Opossum Creek Regenerative Project, Brookwater
  • Woogaroo Creek, Eugene Street, Bellbird Park
  • Jim Donald Wetlands, Madden Street, Eastern Heights
  • Denmark Hill Conservation Reserve, Quarry Street, Ipswich
  • Lorikeet Street Reserve, Paice Street, Bundamba
  • Friends of the Wetlands, Daly Street, Tivoli
  • Friends of Smith Park, Woodend

For more information Bushcare see Ipswich.qld.gov.au/volunteering

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