Ipswich City Council is considering an expansion to its Safe City monitoring program.

Health, Security and Community Safety Committee Chairperson Cr Sheila Ireland said the Safe City camera network had increased significantly in 24 years and proved a major success in keeping Ipswich safe.

“The Safe City camera network from 1994 to the current date has grown from only 11 cameras in the CBD, to more than 300 cameras in over 12 suburbs and has had an enormous impact on public safety, crime prevention and addressing the perception of crime within the Ipswich community,” she said.

As part of the 2017-18 capital works program, council will expand the network in Redbank Plains (Keidges Road to Redbank Plains Road) and Brassall (Hunter Street to Pine Mountain Road). The cost of the projects is estimated to be $660,000.

Cr Ireland said the Safe City cameras, which also provided number plate recognition, had helped track down many stolen cars and other vehicles associated with various offending.

“Since Safe City’s conception in 1994, there have been over 9,700 arrests as a direct result of Safe City’s observations and actions. There have also been over 7,500 reviews of footage and over 5,000 images released to police for investigation and prosecution purposes,” she said.

The Safe City Monitoring Facility moved to Ipswich City Square in 2005 with 90 cameras. It has now relocated to Brisbane Street as a result of the CBD refurbishment.

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