Council delivering on transport plan as major projects completed in 2020

Ipswich City Council is moving forward with the delivery of iGO – The City of Ipswich Transport Plan, but notes an increasing trend of private motor vehicle use, which could stretch the region’s road network.

A special report presented to the Growth, Infrastructure and Waste Committee this week recommends more State Government investment and resources for sustainable modes of transport is required for a city expected to more than double its current population of 230,000 by 2040.

“From July 2019 to June 2020 a number of actions from iGO – The City of Ipswich Transport Plan have been completed or progressed,” the report said.

“Despite this, recent data provided by the 2018 Household Travel Survey is indicating that the use of private vehicle travel has continued to gradually increase since 2011 in the Ipswich LGA to 88.4 per cent, diverging further away from the iGO private vehicle mode share target of 75 per cent.”

Committee Chair, Mayor Teresa Harding said Council is focussed on delivering and advocating for investment in safe, sustainable and effective transport solutions.

“Ipswich is the fastest-growing region in Queensland – our population increased at a rate of 4.6 per cent in 2018/19. By 2041, our city will welcome another 336,000 residents, increasing our current population from 222,000 to 558,000,” she said.

“We are committed to keeping Ipswich prosperous and liveable as our city grows, and this means working across all levels of government to secure a range of transport solutions.

“The deliverables in this report respond to feedback from residents highlighting areas of significant need.”

The report states that there is a risk that essential strategic transport projects will not be in place to meet the needs of the city’s expected growth, without further investment from the State Government.

“In order to achieve the goals and outcomes identified in iGO, more resources and investment is required to facilitate the implementation of iGO infrastructure projects as per planning requirements.

“This includes further consideration and support of more sustainable modes of transport and emerging transport technologies.

“Our future transport network needs to be able to adapt to emerging, more sustainable technologies and forms of transport like electric vehicles, electric bikes and scooters, mass public transport and walking and cycling paths.

“Taking into account the recent impact of COVID-19 on public transport patronage, it is considered that without significant State Government investment and support from council on trunk public transport, such as the Ipswich to Springfield Railway line and other high frequency bus routes, it will be very difficult to recover to achieve the desired iGO public transport mode share of 11 per cent.”

The Ipswich Central to Springfield Central public transport corridor, known as I2S, is a high priority with council and advocacy group Ipswich Leaders Alliance, with continued advocacy at both state and federal level hoping to seek financial support for a business case and ultimately construction of the 25km rail line.

One of the recommendations considered by councillors was that council continue to support iGO and give regard to the iGO mode share targets and a shift to more sustainable forms of travel in Ipswich when considering future council investment priorities.

The report card also highlights some of the key achievements from 2019-20, including completion of:

  • City of Ipswich Parking Pricing Strategy;
  • iGO Public Transport Advocacy and Action Plan;
  • iGO Road Safety Action Plan;
  • iGO Performance and Data Strategy;
  • Ipswich to Springfield Rail Corridor – Strategic Business Case;
  • Ipswich City Centre Cross River Connectivity – Preliminary Business Case;
  • Redbank Plains Road Stage 4 Corridor Plan;
  • Ipswich Inner CBD Cycle Network Corridor Plan;
  • Upgrade of Old Toowoomba Road, Leichardt;
  • Upgrade of Brisbane Street, West Ipswich;
  • Salisbury Road and Briggs Road new signalised intersection;
  • School Road and Fernbrooke Boulevard new signalised intersection; and
  • Construction of Brassall Bikeway Stage 7.

“Council is continuing to deliver the strategies, plans, designs and undertake the promotional and advocacy activities which have been set out in iGO as well as delivering new and upgraded transport infrastructure for the people of Ipswich,” the report concluded.

“A focus on sustainable technology and forms of transport and less emphasis on road based trips and infrastructure is required if iGO’s future mode share targets are to be achieved and costs to council are to be maintained at sustainable levels.”

Cr Andrew Fechner said the report card was honest and highlights some of the work that needs to be done with Ipswich’s transport network.

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  1. The “upgrade” to Brisbane street, west Ipswich, is a disgrace! So please don’t congratulate yourselves on a job well done — it wasn’t. It is a bigger bottleneck than it ever was ….. too many traffic lights, abominable coordination of same, traffic banked back at times over the Burnett street bridge uppast Grammar, back up Brisbane street and down into the top of town, poor quality work which has needed repair already, footpaths that are unsafe, the time taken ruined some small businesses, etc. Don’t know who’s responsible — old or new council — but the whole thing is an appalling debacle and waste of ratepayers’ money!

  2. This has been an issue since tulley was in, how many times do us residents get empty promises about road infrastructure to ease congestion only to see it get fobbed off for another 3 elections.

  3. Maybe more traffic lights through West Ipswich because everyone can see it needs more, Or a bridge from Jacaranda street to North Ipswich to bypass the CBD.

  4. I have lived in Sydney, Greenslopes and never required the need to get a licence and then I moved to Brassall – ( 18 years ago ) and I find the transport within Ipswich is a joke ! One bus every hour .. really ?? and that is if they turn up on time! My children went to the local school 7 mins drive .. well for me to catch a bus – I need to catch one to one side of the Brassall shopping center get off , walk across the road and then hop on another bus .. around $5.40 later I would finally arrive after 45 mins travel time . ( that was as late as last year ) Oh another example .. lets go to Booval shopping center where I worked .. caught two buses to get there as there was track work .. wow a record 3 hours later ..yup you read right !! Oh what joy !! Trains may be frequent , Its the bus system that absolutely sucks !! And sorry I’m sick and tired of hearing Springfield this and Springfield that … People in Brassall pay Rates Too !! I feel that we get the crumbs. I also have seen streets in Ipswich city that still don’t have gutters .. wow really !! I’m sure they would be thrilled to see all the lovely new gutters , roads and tree lined streets of Springfield .. Not !!

  5. Just wondering how the Mayor and Councillors get to work and other destinations? Bus? Bike?

    Also considering that a fair portion of Ipswich residents work in Brisbane CBD, or other locations, given lack of job opportunities to cater for the numbers living here, I fail to see how this is going to benefit a major component of rate-payers.

  6. I agree with all of the comments left by disgruntled Ipswich residents. Since moving to this wonderful city 20 years ago, all I have heard is “TALK” of a second bridge crossing of the Bremer River (Lawrence St, North Ipswich to Jacaranda St, Basin Pocket). As a resident of North Ipswich, I find that the queue to cross the David Trumpy Bridge now stretches back to Lowry St on a regular basis.
    How about some action rather than more studies, more paper shuffling, more non action. We elected our Lord Mayor on her platform of more infrastructure, more congestion busting options and all they can come up with is a new rail link? As someone previously mentioned, all we hear about is Springfield, Springfield. What about the rest of Ipswich. Mayor Harding, you need to pull your finger out, pronto..

  7. I spend endless hours sitting at Traffic lights commuting back and forward across Ipswich
    I spend a lot of time on the phone to the main roads traffic control to adjust the lights to more suitable timing to clear the blockages which works but takes too much time
    When is council going to grab this low hanging fruit by addressing light sequences and timing and the safety issues that go along with it ?
    It is such an easy way to help relieve congestion immediately – no studies – no construction – just good old common sense
    I would even volunteer my time to help come up with plans to fine tune each intersection to make them safer and less congested if required

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