Council leads the way on waste ban

Ipswich City Council has reaffirmed its commitment to the circular economy after the Queensland Government banned single use plastics across the State.

The supply of plastic straws, stirrers, cutlery, plates, unenclosed bowls, takeaway containers and cups made from expanded polystyrene for single-use has been prohibited from September 1, including items provided free with purchased meals or sold in packets as party supplies.

Council’s own ban of single-use plastic bottles, helium balloons and plastic straws in local parks and reserves has been hugely successful in reducing waste across the city’s 8,500 hectares of open space since it came into effect in 2018.

Mayor Teresa Harding said council is committed to working with the State Government to reduce landfill.

“Council welcomes and supports the ban on single use plastics within Queensland which will help protect residential amenity, local waterways and the environment for future generations,” Mayor Harding said.

“We are committed to reducing landfill in our own actions to lead by example and drive industry best practice for a brighter future on waste management.”

The Ipswich Civic Centre also moved from single-use food packaging to environmentally friendly alternatives two years ago, which includes the use of plant-based straws, containers, and vessels.

The kitchen now uses bamboo and sugar cane products for catering which are all biodegradable.

Further information on the items that are now banned is available here.

For more information about licenses and permits for council’s parks and reserves, click here.

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