Council responds to State’s draft koala conservation strategy

Ipswich City Council has responded to the Queensland Government’s draft koala conservation strategy, recommending that the mapping of koala habitats in the area is re-examined.

Council officers say some of the maps are outdated and do not reflect the current koala habitat areas.

In its submission, council also recommended the strategy more adequately address significant road kill hotspots along the Warrego and Cunningham highways, which are one of the biggest threats to koalas in the Ipswich area.

Council has worked successfully with the Queensland Government to add new protections to some of Ipswich’s most important koala populations, particularly in Purga, Mutdapilly, Mount Forbes and Ebenezer.

The Queensland Government’s draft koala conservation strategy follows years of planning and a report by an expert panel, which highlighted concerns around the species conservation status.

In addition to the release of the draft strategy, the Queensland Government has also released the supporting regulatory and planning reforms.

Click here to find out more about how council is protecting koalas or read the Queensland Government’s draft Koala Conservation Strategy.


  1. In response to this article are these the only areas where koalas are? What about the areas around Springfield and Ripley Valley that are having trees removed fir further development. Are there no Koala’s in these areas?


    Peter McInnes

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