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Council shifting to renewable energy for a sustainable Ipswich

Ipswich City Council has reached a major milestone in its commitment to sustainability, commencing negotiation to switch to renewable energy that will reduce operational emissions by about 13,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide each year.

Environment and Sustainability Committee Chairperson Councillor Jim Madden said Ipswich will then be just the third local government to switch to renewable energy in Queensland.

“In the coming months, almost 30,000 streetlights and council’s major buildings across the city like our administration building, Ipswich Central Library, and the Ipswich Art Gallery would all be powered by renewable sources under a new agreement,” Cr Madden said.

“This comes after the gallery recently completed a comprehensive overhaul of their lighting infrastructure, which significantly enhances its energy efficiency and the presentation of exhibitions.

“Council has a responsibility to lead from the front when it comes to creating a sustainable future for Ipswich.

“Based on our community’s vision for a greener city, council adopted a sustainability strategy in 2021 which committed to a target reduction of 50 per cent of the organisation’s direct emissions.

“Negotiating a new Power Purchase Agreement, approved at the June Ordinary Council Meeting, is a major step in the right direction, reducing council’s emissions by approximately 90,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide over a several-year contract.”

Cr Madden said that as the current contract making up approximately 90 per cent of council’s total electricity portfolio supply comes to an end, it is the perfect opportunity to make the switch to a sustainable option.

“While it wasn’t fiscally responsible to shift the remaining 10 per cent to renewable right now, we will absolutely consider this option when this contract for other small assets ends in 2026,” Cr Madden said.

“We have more work to do to ensure we meet our targets and do our part in creating a sustainable Ipswich, one where future generations can continue to enjoy everything we take for granted about living in this great city.

“Council is committed to increasing existing efforts and implementing new actions towards making Ipswich a more sustainable place to live as the city continues to grow.”

Find out more about council’s Sustainability Strategy 2021-2026 at

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