Council signs off on drive-in theatres and entertainment hub for North Ipswich

Ipswich City Council is set to approve a development near the North Ipswich Railway Workshops complex which will feature two drive-in theatres, central entertainment hub, putt-putt golf, rock climbing wall, basketball courts, gaming arcade and a twilight/special event cinema with a grassed seating area.

The Growth, Infrastructure and Waste Committee has approved an application for a material change of use for entertainment and outdoor recreation at W.M. Hughes Street.

Mayor Teresa Harding said the proposed entertainment hub was an exciting project that would provide a great range of offerings for residents and visitors; especially families.

Deputy Mayor Marnie Doyle said it would link seamlessly with council’s Ipswich Central redevelopment via the Bradfield Bridge.

A report to the committee outlined the application from Lipoma Pty Ltd to develop the vacant land, not far from the Riverlink Shopping Centre and the Bremer River.

“While the planning scheme identifies the subject development site as being within Precinct 3 – Riverside Residential Precinct, the proposed development is considered to be more suitable for the land than residential uses, due to the occurrence of development constraints on the site such as mining, heritage matters and flooding,” it said.

The report considered the important historical features of the land, including that it contained part of the historic Mihi railway line and a sandstone railway culvert.  The applicant has proposed to acknowledge former uses on the land through a historical walk with interpretive signage.

The development also provides for council to construct stage six of the Brassall Bikeway through the site.

“The alignment of the bikeway … ultimately presents as a 6m wide public thoroughfare over the entirety of the pathway through the site, rather than requiring acquisition of the entire site. The bikeway will take the form of a 3.5m wide pathway, with a 1.5m verge between the site access driveway and the bikeway, with a 1m landscaped strip along the western side of the path. This work is to be funded and delivered by council as part of the existing joint partnership agreement in place with the Department of Transport and Main Road’s Cycle Team.”

Councillors were told that council would enforce certain conditions in respect of the lighting from the theatre screens and potential noise issues for nearby residents from the outdoor play areas.

There would be between 192 and 234 car parking spaces available to each of the two drive-in theatres.

“A technical report has been provided demonstrating that the use can operate while maintaining residential amenity for existing and potential future residents.

“The area also includes a twilight/special event cinema with a grassed seating area. These activities will be available to visitors of the site, with ticketing being managed through the central kiosk building.

“The central kiosk will include restaurant/café options, along with an internal gaming arcade room. This entertainment node includes paved and covered seating areas, grassed leisure areas and significant landscaping. In total, the development will involve the construction of 568m2 gross floor area of structures split between the restaurant, arcade and ticketing kiosk.”

Hours of operation are proposed as 6pm to 10pm, Monday to Saturday.

Council received one properly made submission in support of the proposed development from Queensland Museums, as landowner of the adjoining Workshops Rail Museum. There were no objections from the public notification phase.

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  1. will council be providing road infastructure upgrade and parking to support these recreational initiatives as there is insufficient at present

  2. very good need more in town but what about the tivi drive in they have been there all this time how much has council helped then

  3. What is council doing about the extra traffic in the area?
    I think this will have a negative impact on residents close to the Railway Museum

  4. Yes traffic ridiculous from North ipswich over the bridge.another bridge would be good..and a place like Southbank lagoon would be nice it’s so hot and not enough swimming spots..

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