Council urges community to keep up to date with latest weather information

Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding has encouraged residents to pay careful attention to weather updates and latest road closure information as heavy rain continues across the region today.

The Bureau of Meteorology has advised that the situation is likely to continue into early Wednesday with potential storms and heavy rain this afternoon.

“Heavy rainfall is expected to continue across the south-east tonight and I urge people to keep up to date with the latest weather information,” Mayor Harding said.

“Several roads have been closed across Ipswich and motorists need to take care if they are out and about for the next 24 hours.

“Council continues to monitor the situation very closely and will keep the community informed as it changes through the Ipswich City Council Facebook page and our disaster dashboard,” Mayor Harding said.

The Mayor also warned residents to be prepared to take action if needed and don’t leave it to the last minute if there is an emergency.

Keep up to date through the following channels:

Current weather warnings:

River heights:

Ipswich forecasts:

Ipswich City Council’s Facebook page:

Ipswich City Council’s disaster dashboard site: 

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