Council working towards a more inclusive Ipswich

More than 480 people provided their thoughts about Ipswich City Council’s new action-based Inclusion and Connectedness Implementation Program, which was presented at the January Ordinary Council Meeting.

Council will begin immediately to build on existing work in a planned and purposeful effort to remove and reduce barriers experienced by people living in Ipswich.

Council Chief Executive Officer Sonia Cooper said that the program, for the period from 2024 to 2026, has been co-designed with community members, disability advocates and experts, peak bodies and council to incorporate and implement new processes to allow all community members to connect and feel a sense of belonging.

There are dozens of planned and proposed actions aimed at overcoming barriers that prevent full social and economic participation so our community can all feel like they belong regardless of age, ability and background.

These initiatives focus on the need for a collaborative, responsive and adaptable approach to reducing the barriers in the city. It prioritises leveraging our collective resources, shared goals, and existing community experts to build a more inclusive and connected city.

The focus in the next two years will be on:

  • Accessible services
  • Inclusive community, engagement and co-design
  • Employment, workforce inclusion and economic participation
  • Social, recreational, cultural, sporting and wellbeing inclusion
  • Advocacy, partnerships and awareness
  • Innovation and leadership in disability inclusion

Council officers will continue to collaborate with people with disabilities, disability advocacy groups, service providers and community organisations to advocate for the rights and needs of people with disabilities and those at risk of social isolation.

By implementing the actions outlined in this program council is striving to create a future where Ipswich is a city of opportunity for all and individuals with disabilities can live, work and thrive in Ipswich.

More information on the program can be found at Shapeyouripswich.com.au/inclusionandconnectednessplan

Ipswich City Council is operating under caretaker provisions in accordance with Chapter 3, Part 5 of the Local Government Act 2009. Media communications by the Mayor and Councillors as ICC spokespeople during this time are limited to ensure compliance with legislation and, equity and transparency between existing Mayor, Councillors and candidates regarding access to Council resources.

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