Delivery of road upgrades a major focus in council’s 2019-20 budget

Roads are always a key component of a council budget, and for the City of Ipswich in 2019-20 it is about residual funding to finish major projects already underway.

Three major road projects centred on West Ipswich, One Mile and Leichhardt are reaching the peak of construction activity, while two intersections from council’s strategic transport sub-program will also receive significant funding.

These include:

  • Old Toowoomba Road Upgrade: Duplication of carriageway between Toongarra Road and Lobb Street; Installation of new traffic signals and on and off road cycle facilities.
  • Brisbane Street Upgrade: Improve capacity and safety along Brisbane Street, West Ipswich between Hooper Street and Burnett Street
  • Marsden Parade Realignment: Realignment of Marsden Parade to create a new connection with Gordon Street along Brisbane Street, Ipswich
  • Grange Road and Robertson Road intersection: Installation of traffic signals to improve safety and capacity at the intersection
  • Salisbury Road and Briggs Road intersection: Installation of traffic signals to improve safety

Ipswich City Council’s head of Infrastructure and Environment Charlie Dill said tens of millions of dollars had been committed to these projects.

“We are delivering some critical pieces of infrastructure along a key corridor for the city,” he said.

“Traffic delays over coming months are unfortunately unavoidable, but by doing these three projects (Old Toowoomba Rd, Toongarra Rd, Brisbane St) together significantly reduces the disruption to motorist in the longer term.

“The end result for motorists will be worth it. When completed the three projects will boost safety and traffic capacity.

“Motorists can expect a smoother ride with fewer delays when Old Toowoomba Road is upgraded to four lanes at a cost of $10 million.”

Mr Dill said the road projects would significantly improve safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

“The upgrade will feature resurfacing of Old Toowoomba Road and a centre median for the entire length of the project to allow for safer, controlled turning movements,” he said.

“Bicycle users can expect new on-road lanes and a bike path on the inbound side with a raised road crossing at the Denman Street intersection.”

Work will include new traffic signals at Ernest Street, and traffic signals for pedestrians along Old Toowoomba Road between Denman and Edward streets.

Council has committed $1.4 million and $1.8 million respectively for the intersection improvements at Grange/Robertson Rd and Salisbury/Briggs Rd.

As designs progress over coming months they will be shared with those who live in the vicinity of these upgrades.

Interim Administrator Greg Chemello said the council’s budget will prioritise the important needs of the city.

“It allocates money to projects which will enable council to get the job done and to ensure the city is meeting demands imposed upon us all by rapid growth,” he said.

Mr Chemello acknowledged that Ipswich is one of the fastest growing councils in Australia. The city ranked near the top in Queensland in terms of growth and in the top 10 nationally.

He said economic prosperity and jobs, good roads, an improved public transport system and public infrastructure are important components which help the city provide for its constituents.

“It is a progressive budget, yet responsible. It retains a reasonable surplus, yet addresses compelling needs such as the completion of the Nicholas Street development,” he said.

“It ensures the council is delivering basic needs such as waste collection, yet looks to produce a complex business case for a Springfield-Ripley-city rail link.

“It addresses long-overdue governance concerns, yet paves the way for future councillors to develop a more healthy, active and engaged community.”

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