Meet your Division 3 Councillor: Andrew Antoniolli

For Division 3 Councillor Andrew Antoniolli, the reasons for seeking office can be easily brought to mind.

Having previously served the community as a councillor and mayor, Cr Antoniolli said he was excited at the opportunity to work closely once more with the community, continuing his passion for service.

“Going back to when I ran in 2000, ideally the reasons were not too different, and they were also not too different from the reasons that I became a policeman,” Cr Antoniolli said.

“I love my community and I wanted to do something that would make the community better.

“I saw the way to do that was to be one of the decision-makers driving outcomes for the community.

“Becoming a councillor was the next step from being a police officer, the next way to do that. I love this city, and that passion has never dimmed.”

Key Facts - Cr Antoniolli
  • Cr Antoniolli was first elected as an Ipswich City Councillor in 2000.
  • At the time Cr Antoniolli was elected in 2000 he was then the youngest councillor elected in 21 years and the second youngest in the city’s history.
  • Council Antoniolli served as Ipswich Mayor from 2017 – 2018.
  • Prior to entering council, Cr Antoniolli was a senior constable in the Queensland Police Service.

Cr Antoniolli is similarly clear about his priorities for the coming term.

“Communication is vitally important,” Cr Antoniolli said.

“Quite clearly there has been a breakdown in communication with the community.

“I like to put that down to the existing divisional make-up making communication highly challenging. The current divisional structure also makes engaging with community members highly challenging as well – but it’s a challenge that I’m looking forward to addressing.

“Another priority is ensuring that the challenge of growth does not impede our need to become a future-focussed city, for the sake of business and for the sake of our city’s economy.

“I also want to ensure there are opportunities for this community; no matter a person’s age or stage of life – be it in education, recreation or work opportunities and to grow our families – to create a lifestyle that we’re proud of and happy with.

“I have always been a councillor who enjoys rolling up their sleeves and helping where it’s needed.”

I’m not a desktop councillor. I want to completely understand the challenges and gaps that the community faces, and then actively work to resolve and to improve them.

Cr Andrew Antoniolli

Division 3 Councillor, Ipswich City Council

Division 3 at a glance

  • Division 3 contains many of the central Ipswich suburbs and the Central Business District.
  • The division covers 68km2, with a population of 59,000.
  • As its suburbs are mostly well established, population growth in Division 3 is more steady than in other divisions.

Ipswich City Council 2024-2028 Mayor and Councillors at the swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday, 2 April 2024.

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