Dollars and sense: Ipswich financial advisor bringing currency to kids

Money matters. That’s the message from an Ipswich financial advisor who is taking currency to kids as part of new wealth workshops.

Melissa Cadell is on a mission to educate Ipswich children about all things money.

The Woodend resident has launched workshops to help shape the city’s next generation of savers and hopes to inspire a financial revolution.

“It’s alarming that one in six children live below the poverty line in Australia, yet we live in a first world country,” the licensed financial advisor said.

“There is plenty to be shared around, something has fundamentally gone wrong.

“I believe education is the solution. Sharing financial truths with children could change their lives, their families’ lives and the community as a whole.”

Ms Cadell grew up in Newcastle, a working class mining city that shares many similarities with Ipswich.

Her father was CEO of a large publically listed company and her mother owned and operated a highly successful dance school.

She was surrounded by successful adults but knew nothing about goal setting, saving and budgeting.

“I recall as a very young adult I had to sell shares to pay off my credit card, only to spend the money all over again. Forehead slap, don’t do that,” Ms Cadell said.

“All these years later it’s frustrating to see the lack of basic financial knowledge in the community and I want to continue to be part of the solution.

“These workshops are about giving back and filling that knowledge gap so children are educated early and don’t make the same mistakes.”

The Wealthier You Kids’ Workshops are three hands-on sessions designed for children around the age of eight.

Participants learn about denominations, counting and thinking before you spend.

A teen curriculum will be launched in the new financial year, covering goal setting, tax basics, budgeting, applying for work, investing and borrowing.

“Although the sessions are money focussed, we discuss money is not everything, rather friendship, family, happiness and health are first and foremost because when it’s all said and done, money can come and go,” Ms Cadell said.

“My hope is the children will learn something from the workshops and get more knowledge at home and some at school.

“All that adds up to create real change, and if they take the teachings home they can impact an entire household and eventually a community.

“Wouldn’t it be fabulous if Ipswich became renowned for having financially savvy, wealthy, confident kids?

“I would love this to be the case.”

Melissa Cadell is a member of Wiserr, an Ipswich-based network of mentors, volunteers and entrepreneurs. Information shared at the workshops is general in nature. For more information go here.

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