When to expect your rate notices

THE annual quarterly rate notice planner for the 2018-2019 financial year has been released by Ipswich City Council.

Each year council adopts a timetable for the issue of rate notices and due dates for payment.

City Management, Finance and Community Engagement Committee chairperson Deputy Mayor Wayne Wendt said the early adoption of the timetable would enable ratepayers to plan for receipt of notices.

“This year we are also allowing for Australia Post’s change in postage service and deliveries by using a lower postage rate.

“Rate notices need to be issued 30 days before the due date.

“Discounts will also continue to apply for payments made in full by the due date.”

Cr Wendt said council also offered the option of paperless delivery of notices and five electronic payment options in addition to paying in person or via post. Details are available at

Ipswich City Council 2018-2019 financial year planner for payment of rates:

  • July-September: Issue date – July 13, 2018; Due date – August 16, 2018; Since last due date – 13 weeks.
  • October-December: Issue date – October 12, 2018; Due date – November 15, 2018; Since last due date – 13 weeks.
  • January-March: Issue date – January 11, 2019; Due date – February 14, 2019; Since last due date – 13 weeks.
  • April-June: Issue date – April 12; Due date – May 16; Since last due date – 13 weeks.

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