First look: Ipswich council’s largest road upgrade

Ipswich City Council has given residents their first look at the full extent of the Springfield Parkway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial upgrade with a spectacular animated flyover of the $46 million project.

The never-before seen flyover footage offers a glimpse of what council’s largest road upgrade will look like once completed.

Mayor Teresa Harding said the project, which will see the roads expanded from two lanes to four lanes, will assist in supporting efficient transport for Springfield and the city’s eastern corridor’s growing population.

“Ipswich is the fastest growing city in Queensland, recording a population increase of 4.1 per cent in 2018-19, and sections of the Springfield Parkway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial are already carrying more than 20,000 vehicles per day,” Mayor Harding said.

“In compliance with our obligation to invest in trunk infrastructure, council is delivering road upgrades through our capital works program over the coming years, to ensure we’re providing increased capacity, safety and accessibility as we begin to welcome another 330,000 residents to 2041 along our eastern growth corridor.”

It comes as preliminary works this week began on Stage 1 of the project to prepare the site for the future road construction.

Preliminary works include bulk earthworks in preparation for services relocations, retaining wall installation, stormwater and underground conduit installation.

It also includes the construction of a single span 20 metre bridge crossing Opossum Creek.

“It’s all about developing a vibrant and sustainable city that accommodates the needs of our diverse and growing population,” Mayor Harding said.

“This is an exciting time for our city as we embark on the largest road upgrade in council history which will also provide much-needed economic stimulus and support our city’s recovery from COVID-19 impacts.”

Mayor Harding thanked residents for their patience as the preliminary works are carried out.

“While these early works are all off road, there will be some traffic restrictions to ensure the safety of workers and motorists,” Mayor Harding said.

“We expect that these works will be completed by September 2021, weather permitting.”

The Springfield Parkway and Springfield Greenbank Arterial upgrade is proudly funded by the Queensland Government through the Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme (TIDS), and Ipswich City Council.

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  1. I would be much more excited if the Ipswich – Springfield arterial was being upgraded. It’s a crying shame that the most direct link between our CBD and the fast-growing suburb of Springfield is still a single lane road for much of its length. In particular, the section along Redbank Plains Rd and having the Cunningham Hwy overpass at New Chum out of action for many weeks is simply not acceptable. No wonder the suburbs of Springfield feel little affinity to their city’s CBD, they can’t even travel there easily.

  2. And yet the hugely needed second bridge over the Bremer in the Ipswich CBD is still left in the dark to gather more dust, same with the much mooted Karalee Junction interchange on the Warrego hwy.

  3. Nice to see now when are they going to stop talking and get on with:
    2 lanes both ways for whole of Centenary H/way
    2 lanes both ways for the Cunningham Purga to Amberley and
    Start the railway corridor Springfield to Yamanto
    Make Ripley Rd 2 lanes both ways
    It is very nice to see Springfield lakes but people their don’t even believe they live in Ipswich and tired of hear about Gold Coast M1 / Sunshine Coat Bruce H/Way it time to fix roads out in the western fringe. We are suddenly part of Greater Brisbane for CV 19 but not when it comes to anything else

  4. If this is a “Major Road” why does it not fall under the jurisdiction of the State’s Main Roads?
    Why are Ipswich Ratepayers STILL paying for Springfield when so many other suburbs require attention? Can someone explain to me please the difference between this Council and last Council in putting Springfield’s wants before other suburbs?
    Haven’t comments been made that they want to seperate from Ipswich, and if so will this become reality after funding dries up?


  5. The Centenary Highway Springfield Central to the Logan Motorway is already past capacity in peak times. The single lane city bound is a farce and in the afternoon at least two kilomtres of this stretch is stuffed. This would be a State road and there is no sign of any activity to fix it. This road is supposed to be three lanes each but no one cares.

  6. Pity they couldn’t spend a few dollars improving the traffic corridors from the western and northern suburbs of Ipswich. Takes forever some days to get in or out at certain times. The road through West Ipswich is totally inadequate and likewise for North Ipswich. Springfield must have serious clout to get the money, it’s traffic problems are minor compared to those of Ipswich.

  7. So will the Greenbank Springfield arterial stop half way when it hits the Logan council side of the road and how do these 4 lanes get safety past Greenbank primary school or do we have 4 lanes into 2.

  8. Ipswich so needs the other bridge over the Bremer river. What has happen to that it’s been on the plan for more then 40 yrs. Still nothing…
    Also the transfer centre sitting there.doing nothing…

  9. I agree make it double lanes each side why cut corners be forward thinking it mY cost but it will cost way more down the track

  10. Nice for the suburbs but still nothing concrete for a second river crossing from and to North Ipswich.

  11. What about an off ramp at the Warrego Hwy near Deebing Heights. This area is growing probably faster than Springfield!! No exit until you get to Yamanto intersection then you’ve got all the extra traffic from Yamanto Central coming.

  12. I agree with you guy, focus on other areas, make it 3 lane from Springfield Ctl to Logan Motorway. Also as a prevous resident of Karalee, the need to fix that dreaded area at the Warrego Hwy, the delays are so long during peak hour.

  13. Why is there a right hand turning lane onto the Centenary off ramp? Do we not think this will cause major incidents????

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