Fishing store lands approval for major expansion plans

An exciting new era for Charlton’s Fishing is a step closer after Ipswich City Council approved an application for a new shop, service station and fast food outlet.

Over many years, the Charltons have steadily acquired properties neighbouring their highly successful Redbank store, just off the Ipswich Motorway, with the intent of one day expanding the business.

That day has come, with the current store bursting at the seams with stock and customer demand showing no signs of slowing.

Under the approval, six lots will become three with one for the new, modern Charlton’s Fishing store, another for the service station and the third to be used for a drive thru fast food outlet.

The new bait and tackle store will have five times the space of the existing shop and be developed in stage one, along with the six bowser service station.

The fast food outlet will be developed as stage two.

There are no plans for Charlton’s Fishing to close, with the existing shop to continue trading while the new premises is built.

Charlton’s Fishing manager Craig Charlton said the family hoped to be operating from their new store in about 18 months.

Craig and Brian Charlton.

“It will be much bigger and that means we can better display our products and carry a bigger range of stock,” Craig said.

“That’s going to mean more choice and convenience for our customers.”

Charlton’s Fishing had its beginnings two generations ago when Jack Charlton, father of current owner Brian, began making fishing rods and reels under his house as a hobby before going on to sell them.

Brian bought the business from his father and it has operated from Redbank for more than 30 years.

Creating a friendly atmosphere in store and providing quality products and superior customer service have allowed the business to stand the test of time.

“We have some customers who have been coming to us for 40 years,” Brian said.

The development is expected to provide 12 to 20 new full time jobs while also improving noise and light impact from the Ipswich Motorway to the adjacent residential area.

Charlton’s Fishing is open seven days at 18 Kerwick Street, Redbank.

How the new development will look.

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  1. Great news. Pleased to see a locally owned business sticking it to the big chains. I’ve been a Charltons customer for a few years now and find that their prices and service are superior to others.

  2. Using tech for Ipswich traffic is a great idea but go one step further and create an app to let people know where and when and for how long road works are going to be and increase safety and let people take an alternative route
    making less traffic and safer for those working on the roads

  3. Nothing against Charltons, but, another petrol station??? Soon this city will become world famous for the number of junk food outlets and petrol stations peppered throughout , across and around this city. Oh I forgot and the dump and super dump planning. Nothing for the environment here and this is not good news for the neighbors nearby.
    Whats in for the kids that live here other than the junk food?

    Please spare us the spiel that this is progressive development.

    Claude Chase

    1. Jobs
      But in that demographic I think handouts are high so will have zero effect on a broken upbringing of “generation free”

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