Five key community outcomes from the November Ipswich City Council meeting

1. New sports signage will show no ifs or butts

Council will install signs at sports grounds across the region warning players, parents and other patrons that smoking in the area is illegal.

Smoking is prohibited within 10m of playing and viewing areas during organised under-18 sports events.

With the roll-out of new smoke-free areas it is important to have supporting signage to make people aware of the changes.

The proposed signage will support self-regulation and ensure no user is caught off guard when enforcement is conducted by the Queensland Government.

Cr Sheila Ireland

Health, Security and Community Safety Committee

2. Springfield library design package unveiled

The $5 million Springfield Central library is expected to open in July next year with the conceptual design package showing state-of-the-art facilities.

The two-level library will be built at Main Street at Orion Springfield Central.

The library will offer a new hands-on digital experience that will delight, inform and build digital literacy while supporting council’s Smart City initiative.

Facilities will enable members to build their skills and increase their employment opportunities.

The proposed concept package has been developed in consultation with council’s library management team to ensure all functional needs have been addressed.

Cr Cheryl Bromage

Infrastructure and Emergency Management Committee

3. Call to reinstate annual property valuations

Council will make an official complaint to the State Government Valuer-General over concerns that annual property valuations will not be issued in 2018.

This is a failure on behalf of the Valuer-General which causes problems for the council budget.

Importantly, ratepayers are sometimes exposed to large increases in valuations and this forces council into an overly complicated rates structure.

Council pays for annual valuations and we are not getting them.

Cr Wayne Wendt

City Management, Finance and Community Engagement Committee

4. FUSED and fired up for 2018 arts festival

The inaugural FUSED Celebrate the Arts proved to be a huge success and Ipswich City Council is keen to see it return in 2018.

The festival celebrated the local arts community through workshops, live music, theatre performances, street murals, children’s activities and exhibitions.

The FUSED committee’s unwavering passion, effort and dedication was fundamental to the festival’s success.

Of particular note was the painting during the festival of a large outdoor mural on the back wall of Arttime Supplies and Goleby’s Basement.

FUSED provided an opportunity for local artists to elevate their art, gain exposure and recognition and connect with a wider audience.

Cr Kylie Stoneman

Arts and Community Development Committee

5. Library launches new online features

Council has adopted a new library management system which will improve the experience for customers.

Ipswich Libraries reviewed the existing suite of business systems and identified areas that required significant improvement to deliver its strategic priorities.

Resources and services will be discoverable and accessible through external search engines.

There are plans to move the event management and booking functions into this single online service point.

For the first time customers will also be able to join the library online and borrow immediately.

Cr David Pahlke

Libraries and Tourism Committee

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