Flood of information now available to residents

Residents will have access to a “flood” of new information as Ipswich City Council released a webpage to improve the availability of information to the community in preparation for and during flooding events.

The webpage brings together a range of flood-related information including technical reports, emergency management and planning contexts, and historical links.

It comes as the largest floodplain management study ever undertaken in Ipswich, the Ipswich Integrated Catchment Plan, is being prepared for official endorsement by council.

Mayor Teresa Harding said there is no better time to prepare for flood season than now.

“In Ipswich we are no stranger to floods, and this is one way we can prepare as a community for future flooding,” Mayor Harding said.

“This new portal is also part of council’s ongoing commitment to creating greater resilience for future floods within our community, while also improving transparency of information.

Image: Brisbane Street in flood, Ipswich 1927. Picture Ipswich

“We can’t understate the significance of this portal, and its importance to the city, to help us deal with and provide information to the community during flood season.

“This portal brings all of the available information together, making it easy and simple for our community to access the resources they need all in one place.

“I would like to encourage our community to use this portal and access the resources and information available to you, to help you and your family prepare for future flooding events.”

For the first time, a selection of endorsed council flood technical reports has also been made available for download via the webpage.

The webpage is aligned with recommendations from the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry regarding access to flood information and floodplain management by local governments.

For more information visit and search ‘floods’ or click here.

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