Four Christmas wrapping alternatives to try this festive season

There’s nothing better than handpicking the perfect gift to give to a loved one or family member during the festive season.

However, it takes only a matter of minutes for that pile of perfectly wrapped presents to become a chaotic sea of non-recyclable waste.

With Christmas only weeks away why not try out some gift wrap alternatives that won’t hurt the planet?


Instead of traditional wrapping paper, use a basket, glass jar or tins – if it’s a small enough gift place it in a nice jar or tin and decorate it with some twine. If it’s on the larger size pop it into a basket or hamper and decorate with a reusable ribbon.


 Find an alternative way to wrap with old newspapers, scrap fabric, clothes such as shirts or dresses or an old tote bag you no longer need.


Don’t cut on beauty by looking around your house or garden for new ways to decorate your gifts. Use pinecones, tree twigs, rosemary or thyme sprigs from your garden or get a bit creative with dried oranges and cinnamon sticks tied on with some twine.


Instead of giving a physical gift, why not gift an experience instead and eliminate the use of gift wrap all together.

Ipswich City Council encourages residents to dispose of festive greeting cards and wrapping paper by recycling them.

The Recycle 4 waste recycling program currently only accepts the following four types of waste in yellow-top recycle bins:

  1. Paper: newspapers, magazines, junk mail and office paper
  2. Plastic: bottles and containers (milk, soft drink and shampoo bottles, yoghurt/ice-cream tubs)
  3. Cardboard: boxes (including clean pizza boxes)
  4. Cans and tins: aluminium and steel (drink and aerosol cans, food tins

Recycle empty containers only. No glass accepted.

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