From little things, a Brighter Brassall grows

All progress starts with one small step.

This has been the case for Brighter Brassall – a group of Brassall residents united in taking care of their neighbourhood.

Brighter Brassall is the brainchild of local resident Tom Anderson, who said the idea for the group started with the small act of posting a few signs near litter hotspots, encouraging residents to pick up rubbish.

“I love Brassall, it’s a beautiful place to live full of scenery and character, and I know I am not alone in wanting to look after it,” Mr Anderson said.

“I was disappointed to see the growing rubbish problem at first, indicating that maybe not everyone felt the same pride or respect that I did.

“But I also noticed people on their early morning walks carrying bags and picking up rubbish as they went.

“It might not seem like much, but to me that small act of community and generosity is inspiring.

“Everyday people doing simple things to make a difference collectively – that’s what I’m wanting to create through Brighter Brassall.”

After installing the first signs in 2018, Mr Anderson has since created Clean Up Australia Day events and eventually, the Brighter Brassall Facebook group, in the hope it would encourage others to love and respect their community as much as he did.

“The intention of Brighter Brassall is not only to take small actions for improving our suburb, but most importantly, to connect and build a sense of community,” he said.

“We polled our group and came up with three basic actions we wanted to encourage; mowing our neighbour’s footpath, picking up a piece of rubbish each time we go out, and volunteering with a community group.

“If everyone commits to one small action, the impact can be huge. And I have no doubt that this visible change encourages others to be a part of it too.”

The group held its second ‘Walk for a Brighter Brassall’ on Saturday, walking the loop between Battye Park and Sutton Park to pick up rubbish and add colour to the area using knitted hearts donated by a local craft group.

Ipswich City Council Deputy Mayor and Division 4 Councillor Russell Milligan said he was thrilled to see the community come together through the initiative.

“I love calling Brassall home, not only because of the beautiful setting but also the sense of community, self-reliance and resiliency that is found here,” Deputy Mayor Milligan said.

“When I heard about Tom’s plans, I was inspired by his intentions to enhance the strong sense of community that Brassall is known for, while beautifying the streets we walk and drive every day.

“We know from developing our city’s vision that both the community and council are dedicated to creating a clean, green, and sustainable city.

“Tom and Brighter Brassall have shown there is clearly support for a cleaner and tidier community here in Brassall, and I was proud that council could play its part by donating pick up sticks, reusable gloves and rubbish bags to help with the clean-up activity.

“We all have a role to play in creating the communities we are proud to call home, and Brighter Brassall is a great example of people willing to go that step beyond for the better.

“All great movements start with a few people coming together, determined to make a difference.

“While Brighter Brassall is just getting started, I am certain this is the genesis for something outstanding in our community.”

Brassall residents interested in getting involved can join the Facebook group “Brighter Brassall” to contribute ideas and join the next event planned in the coming months.

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