What on Earth is that thing on the Bremer?

What on earth is that cylindrical-looking thing near the north bank of the Bremer at Riverlink? We’re glad you asked …

What you’re looking at is a gasometer frame that housed one of three gas storage tanks at North Ipswich. It was built in 1961 and used until 1969 when natural gas was introduced throughout the city. The 1991 Ipswich Heritage Study described the gasometer as “a landmark assigning industrial character to North Ipswich”.

It was dismantled in October 2004 to make way for the development of Ipswich Riverlink Shopping Centre. The framework was retained and now serves as an entry point to Riverlink East Mall, bounded by BCF and Baskin-Robbins.

Ipswich Gas and Coke Company

Based at The Terrace in North Ipswich near the north bank of the Bremer River, Ipswich Gas and Coke Company opened in 1877. Workers laid the city’s first gas mains on 27 May, 1878 and gas-powered street lamps were lit later that year. A 1928 merger with Melbourne-based Colonial Gas Association led to plant upgrades in 1937 and 1950.

By 1960 there was more than 105km of gas mains throughout Ipswich. Natural gas was introduced to Ipswich in 1969 and the old brick gasworks was demolished. One gasometer was left standing and is now part of Ipswich Riverlink Shopping Centre.

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