Get ready for a scorcher

Ipswich is in for a hot week ahead, with temperatures set to climb to 40 degrees early next week.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist, Kimba Wong, said that it’s going to be very warm across the Greater Ipswich region.

“Ipswich will see temperatures gradually increase over the weekend, in the high 30s and possibly up to 40 degrees celcius on Monday and Tuesday,” Ms Wong said.

“We’re looking at about 10 or 11 degrees above average for Ipswich at this time of year.”

Purple rain forecast: Warmer weather spurs on the early bloom of Jacaranda trees.

Goodna’s Brisbane Terrace is renowned for its beautiful Jacaranda trees, which were planted in 1932 and have endured three major floods in 1955, 1974 and 2011.

While dry conditions will continue over the weekend and early next week, there is likely to be some reprieve later in the week.

“There should be some showers and storms around on Wednesday and Thursday, and other than Monday, evening temperatures will remain relatively cool,” Ms Wong said.

There are plenty of pools across Ipswich to help you cool off, including Goodna Aquatic Centre, Georgie Conway Leichardt Community Swim Centre, Orion Lagoon and the zero depth water park at Springfield Central’s Robelle Domain Parklands.

Click here for more information on opening hours and facilities.
Need to cool off? Head down to Springfield’s Orion Lagoon or enjoy a big splash at the Springfield Water Park. The tipping bucket dumps 200L of water every 30 seconds.

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