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  1. Hello David, my question is what are you going to do about the urban sprawl, units being build over all of Ipswich. Trees and bush land that have disappeared can never be replaced. The wild life kangaroos and koalas that once frequented our neighbourhood will never be seen again. The enormous amount of hoons frequenting our street with laying rubber leaving huge marks, the horrific speeds they are travelling. The lack of police attendance to control the hoons and speeders. Even after many request to build slow point on the main and minor streets. Lower the speed limits throughout the suburbs. These ridiculous smile for SAM don’t do a bloody thing except to see how fast they are going and 80% do not slow down. ( this included trucks and busses) You Have got my vote if something is done to the above. Ipswich and surrounding suburbs were great place to live, with housing that were about 1 house per 1/2 acre and no units, no flats, no duplexes (now come and have a look at RED BANK PLAINS), that is why I moved here in 1986 but now I am looking for ways to get out of this dump. Speaking of dumps, you are going Revisit dump fees? , what…. are you putting them up again? Please do not just focus on Ipswich Central but look out further and build in the bush and not remove the bush to build

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