Have your say on the potential sale of Swifts’ HQ site

Council wants to hear residents’ views about whether to sell a section of Cameron Park which has been leased by a local sporting club for more than 20 years.

The Swifts Sports Club has a long history with Ipswich dating back to 1919, but its current headquarters in Booval needs a significant upgrade estimated to cost more than $7 million.

Growth, Infrastructure and Waste Committee Chair Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding said the club has expressed an interest in buying the site but council wants to hear the community’s view before a decision is made.

“Council has engaged an independent external community engagement organisation to conduct and deliver the community consultation on behalf of council,” Mayor Harding said.

“The club has made a proposal to purchase the land and will upgrade the facilities at its own cost but if the sale doesn’t go ahead, council will have to pay for refurbishment.

“The sale would only affect the land on which the club facilities are built – the rest of Cameron Park will remain as it is, owned and managed by council.”

Residents can have their say at feedback sessions, which will run from 10 to 17 September at the following locations:

  • Saturday 10 September from 10am to 12pm at Tulmur Place (outside Ipswich Central Library)
  • Tuesday 13 September from 9am to 11am at Riverlink Shopping Centre, North Ipswich
  • Wednesday 14 September from 3pm to 5pm at Booval Shopping Centre, Booval
  • Saturday 17 September from 9am to 11am at Cameron Park, Booval

Residents can provide feedback by completing an online survey on Shape Your Ipswich, email [email protected], speak with the consultation team via phone (07) 3368 6693 or in person at the above feedback sessions.

If the sale does go ahead, Swifts would be required to lodge a development application with council for any changes they propose to make to the building.

“The community would have further opportunities to comment on any changes the club proposes in their development application which considers building heights, noise, parking and visual amenity,” Mayor Harding said.

“The lease that was entered into is very favourable to Swifts as a not-for-profit community sporting organisation providing a service to the community and as we move forward, we want to know residents’ views on keeping the lease in place and requiring significant cost to council to remediate or selling the site so it can be refurbished by Swifts.”

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