How Ipswich cafe found its niche

Dark Horse Coffee has become well-known for its Keto Breakfast.

Gone are the days when ordering a coffee was a simple black-or-white affair.

These days cafes must keep up with a multitude of ever-changing tastes and dietary requirements, and one Springfield cafe is going the extra mile to tick a few of those boxes.

Dark Horse Coffee is a family-run business and two of the Lock family (dad Andy and son Ethan) are allergic to nuts so they have introduced a menu that is entirely nut-free.

The cafe is also known for its popular Keto breakfast – featuring miraculously light gluten-free coconut pancakes that you can order with or without bacon, tomato and poached eggs.

So – nut-free, low-carb, gluten-free and keto peeps will be happy to find this place.

But there’s another box that the Dark Horse crew is particularly pleased to tick – this is also a dog-friendly venue with plenty of outdoor areas for canines to rest while their humans sip a Merlo flat-white or tuck into those keto breakies.

Larry the Labradoodle is a regular at the cafe, and he’s also got his own Instagram account – @larry_the_labradoodle Beyond the bread and criossants, everything is made on-site, including the jams, sauces and chutneys.

Dark Horse Coffee, at 11/1 Springfield Lakes Blvd, Springfield Lakes, is open from 5.30-11am Monday, 5.30am-1pm Tuesday to Friday and 7.30am-1pm Saturday and Sunday. Phone 3818 6687.

Larry the Labradoodle is a regular at the cafe.

The light gluten-free coconut pancakes.

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