How this Ipswich business is putting the brakes on waste

Booval’s Llewellyn Motors has its sights set on becoming one of the most sustainable businesses in Ipswich. 

To get there, the car dealership has a major focus on tackling the issue of waste.

Llewellyn Motors compliance and environmental manager David Triggs said they are looking to not only reduce waste production, but also make sure any waste is disposed of with the environment in mind.  

“We should always be looking for ways to recycle as much as possible as it may not affect us today but it will affect our next generation,” Mr Triggs said.  

Mr Triggs said they’ve managed to incorporate recycling across most of their everyday activities, including car servicing.

“You bring your vehicle in for a service – all the oil is recycled, all the oil filters are recycled, batteries are recycled, metals are recycled,” he said.

“So pretty much everything that comes through is recycled in such a way where it’s not going to landfill, it’s being reused, recycled and then going back into production and being used in another manner.”

But it’s not just waste reduction they’re exploring, Llewellyn Motors have also taken steps to save water, reduce their carbon footprint and generate renewable energy. 

Find out how they’re doing it in the latest episode of Sustainability in the Suburbs.

Last year, the community told Ipswich City Council that becoming more sustainable would require a team effort. That means individuals, the community, businesses and government all doing their bit for the environment.

Mr Triggs encourages other businesses to take stock of the resources and space they have and find their own unique ways to be more sustainable.

“At Llewellyn Motors we are proud to be one of Queensland’s largest owned solar farms, which has enabled us to reduce our dealership’s carbon footprint by 420 tonnes of CO2 annually,” Mr Triggs said. 

But Mr Triggs said it’s not just the environment that can benefit, sustainability is also good for the business.

“The electricity produced from the system provides the dealership with 47 per cent of its annual load,” he said.

Sustainability in the Suburbs is all about sharing stories, knowledge and ideas help us all live, eat and play the sustainable way.

By working together we can protect and enhance our environment and its liveability for current and future generations.

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Find out more at Ipswich.qld.gov.au/sustainability

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