Sharing a meal to help all creatures great and small

Two Ipswich friends have joined forces to help the region’s wildlife cope with ongoing dry conditions.

Rani Shankar and Anastacia Chester met several years ago through a mutual love of helping animals.

They recently decided more needed to be done for the region so decided to create a wildlife movement.

This year their focus turned to sharing with residents ways they can help native wildlife in the area suffering due to the dry weather.

This is done through the use social media, where they educate friends, family and communities about the importance of looking after local wildlife.

One of the friends Rani Shankar said she was inspired to help the wildlife in local communities after coming across similar posts shared in fire ravaged towns in New South Wales.

“A lady on Animal Rescue Collective on Facebook shared a post from a fire affected area, she was giving out food scraps and set up little water stations,” she said.

“We’re not affected by the fires, but it is so dry around here and there’s little food or water for wildlife so we’re doing what we can to help.”

The pair can be seen each week trekking 50 metres into bush land to place water bowls and food in reach for the wildlife to use.

A water station and food laid out by the Rani Shankar and Anastacia Chester for wildlife in the region.

“We dig holes in the ground to place any tubs, buckets or containers suitable for holding water in, then add rocks inside the tub and sticks along the edges to make it look more natural,” Ms Shankar said.

“We also put trays in the trees and place raw fruit and veg inside them as well as on the ground. 

Fruits ready for consuption by wildlife in the region.

“We go back each week to check on the stations and we’ll water the nearby plants with the leftovers then scrub out the containers, refill and put back in place.

“We’re also learning to weave baskets out of palm leaves, because once they’re used by the wildlife the birds use the leaves to build their nests.

“When we leave food out it’s not just for mammals, it’s for frog, insects and anything that needs it.

“It’s exciting, we see the little footprints when we come back to the locations and know something has been eating or drinking what we’ve put out.”

Anastacia Chester said their aim was to get residents in Ipswich out and about to do their part for wildlife in the region.

“We want people to embrace nature,” Ms Chester said.

“If you don’t want to go into bush land and setup stations start in your backyard, you’ll be surprised how many visitors you get.

“Any person that can contribute in any way is going to make a difference.”

For details on how you can help head to Animal Rescue Cooperative on Facebook for more information or to donate supplies.

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  1. Hannah,

    Hi. In the sentence ‘The pair can be seen each week trekking 50 meters into bush land to place water bowls and food in reach for the wildlife to use’, the wrong meters is used. It should read metres. Metres is the measurement and meters are gauges (or gadgets).

    In the States it is spelled meters, but not in Australia. We don’t have the ‘lazy way’ of spelling.

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