How you can help shape Ipswich Central’s future

Ipswich residents are being encouraged to share what they love about the city’s centre and their big ideas for its future.

It is part of an Ipswich City Council initiative to create a shared vision for the Ipswich Central master plan.

The Ipswich Central precinct is more than just the CBD, it encompasses North Ipswich, West Ipswich and East Ipswich.

This includes important community areas such as the health precinct around Ipswich Hospital, Limestone Park, Queens Park, Top of Town, Riverlink Shopping Centre, The Workshops Rail Museum and North Ipswich Reserve.

Several major projects are taking place within or are planned for the precinct with the intent of the master plan to create a clear vision for area together and help prioritise and focus efforts and investment.

Ipswich City Council Economic Development Manager Paul Massingham said it was an opportunity for people to help shape the city’s future.

The Ipswich Central precinct. Map available for download here.

“The prosperity of the Ipswich Central precinct is going to be vital to the city’s success into the future so we need to make sure we get it right,” he said.

“This is an area that includes major existing projects as well as plans that are at various stages of advancement such as the North Ipswich stadium and the disused Woollen Mills site.

“While a considerable amount of work has been undertaken to date, much remains in the pipeline for investigation or further direction.

“The plan will set an agenda for economic and social prosperity, drive jobs growth within the city’s central hub and provide significant opportunities for growth.

“That is why we want to hear from the community about what they like about the Ipswich Central precinct, what their aspirations for the area are and any big ideas they have for its future.”

Some of the big ideas for Ipswich Central shared to date:

It’s easy to have a say, with four quick questions now open for answers on the Shape Your Ipswich community consultation website.

Through the website, participants can respond to the following:

  • What do you love about Ipswich – in three words
  • What are your aspirations for Ipswich – in three words
  • Place a marker on a map to show where you go and what you love to do
  • Share your big idea for Ipswich

Mr Massingham said as well as questions via Shape Your Ipswich, two workshops were held with Ipswich Central businesses and interested stakeholders in December.

Questions via Shape Your Ipswich close on Sunday 2 February, 2020.

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  1. Pls do not forget Ipswich Central – the architecture is beautiful – do not just concentrate on Springfield Lakes – encourage businesses into central – not just offices – bring life into streets

    1. Leave the shopping centres in the suburbs and Al Fresco dining in the Mall and Top of Town. A big tv screen in the revamped Mall for watching major events whilst dining day and night. Wouldn’t it be great watching SOO games there.

  2. Well. Where do I start? Let’s forget the past and move forward. As this is what the derailment of ICC has created. So we have had an administrator appearing to do a great job, though he has just resigned to take up another position. Why? Wasn’t he here to fulfil his role… apparently so, until a better offer came along.
    I am so disillusioned with ICC decision making that I dont know where to start. What the hell has happened to a once great city. I suppose we could point the finger of blame at numerous politicians and councillors but really why bother. Not one of them would admit to making g an error in any form. I actually wonder why I still live here. Let me explain.
    The new ICC were supposedly open to public views on any particular subject. I have to wonder who the people were that were given the opportunity to express their views on some recent decisions made by ICC.
    Because quite simply, I know of not one person.
    Firstly, a little history of myself. Born, raised and living in Ipswich Central, i have lived at the top end of town for over 30 years. So I have seen my fair share of poor decisions made by whoever they may be on ICC.
    Let’s start with my first point of concern.
    Brisbane St West Ipswich. What a nightmare. Who in there right mind would approve the following constructions without realising the consequences.
    The ICC obviously don’t relate to the the theory that if we build it, they will come. Hence the traffic nightmare which now envelopes West Ipswich.
    For over 12 months a few years back I had watched bean counters or car counters outside the City View hotel. I guess either employed by private companies maybe or even Main Roads or better still ICC. We can only presume they were working out if they could fit any more vehicles into Brisbane St West Ipswich. Well somewhere along the way they thought yes we can. So, let’s approve a Bunnings? Let’s approve a Puma and associated stores. Let’s approve a 7-Eleven and associate stores. But ICC forgot one major detail. How is the current structure going to cope with some 25 additional retailers in an already over vehicular populated area. Who would grant approval for such businesses in an area where traffic was already congested. When these developments were see first raised, I said to my wife. All These developments will go ahead and there will eventually be traffic lights at every
    intersection. What a joke. From the City View hotel to the One Mile Hotel.( which virtually disappeared overnight) we have traffic lights at every intersection. What a windfall the additional Revenue the ICC has picked up. There is another person who should be sacked and barred from undertaking any future roles in any roles Town Planing. What was the Town Planners objective here, apart from increased revenue.

  3. We need a major shopping center like westfields it would be great to see the city center turned into a major shopping precinct!!

  4. As a person who has lived in Ipswich all of my 55 years, it was once a busy town centre, then in the 70 McDonnell and east came and a newer bigger movie theatre, it was fantastic, couldn’t wait to be old enough to go out myself, we had nightclubs everything, then people for some reason got drawn to Brisbane for all that leaving nothing here at all for young adults, we need some of that back, some activities for the little people like a water park like at Orion, oh yes and Ipswich Central needs some much needed funds spent on it. Over the last 15 years or so we have seen not one cent spent in the Ipswich City area at all, it has all gone into Springfield (who admit when they get enough) want to be their own city. But now all much needed funds are being spent at the new Ripley townships, not the old one, but the new ones, developers should have been made to do all these things, not the council, and still Ipswich Central misses out, we need free parking for workers in the Ipswich area, it isn’t even back to school and workers are struggling to get a park in the free areas, and they aren’t exactly 800m from their workplaces like promised by past mayors, park in Queens Park they say, well it is full too, no one can take their kids anymore because workers are filling it at 7.00 each day, so Queens Park misses out on much needed visitors. Our free. Nature centre is the best in Queensland and I have heard of daycare centres driving from the other side of Brisbane for our awesome facilities, but they can’t get parks anymore either. Instead of keeping asking what we want, just do it. Give us a fantastic water park, better parking facilities and the pride in our old City will return.

  5. I believe that we need to create the Ipswich Festival… Once every year, we can bring top talent, artistic musical, street markets at night fireworks, More sophisticated meeting areas, where people want to come, eat a meal have a coffee a glass of wine and do it in beautiful garden settings… There are no themed plantings and the main arteries like Wawrick road are very poor… I would love to get involved in the concept plans for the city. Unfortunately, Ipswich Central… The CBD, is a ghost town… I suggest that we create an inner city renewal project, where we can subsidise the costs of leasing and fit out of venues like coffe shops and art galleries and fashion outlets eminating of course, from the new Mall… I have many ideas…

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