Human wanted for the coolest job around

Technology is taking us places but there are some things modern devices just can’t do and that’s why Ipswich City Council has launched the search for a Human – preferably an adventurous one.

For what is being described as one of the coolest jobs on the planet right now, the council is searching for someone to help map the region using the latest technology.

He or she will visit 40 locations on foot – and sometimes by bike, kayak or ute – with a backpack device fitted with 15 cameras taking images every 2.5 seconds.

Ipswich Mayor Andrew Antoniolli says the project is an exciting one – not only for those who love the idea of being paid to walk around a different location every day for two months, but also for the Ipswich region.

“This technology will give future visitors an immersive view of the places they might want to see for themselves, from our many hiking, mountain biking, and historic locations to city highlights like the Pumpyard brewery,” Cr Antoniolli said.

“So it’s a great boost for the region’s tourism potential.”

He said the ideal candidate would be social media savvy so as to record his or her travels each day,   and they would need a positive can-do attitude and a love for the great outdoors.

The 40 locations to be mapped include:

White Rock – Spring Mountain Conservation Estate: Featuring more than 2,500ha of regionally-significant bushland, this estate includes trails from 200m to 19km.

Hidden Vale Adventure Park: Part of a 12,000 acre property and one of the country’s largest world-class trail networks (over 100kms) makes this perfect for hiking, biking and trail running, catering for all ages and abilities.

Flinders – Goolman Conservation Estate: Home to the 679m-high Flinders Peak, this 2,200ha estate offers bird-watching, hiking, biking and horse riding.

Queens Park: Dating back to 1864, this heritage-listed park includes playgrounds, a nature centre, Japanese garden and café.

Ironbark Ridge Vineyard: The oldest vineyard in Ipswich was established in 1984 and has a tasting room in a converted miner’s cottage from the early 1900s.

Queensland Raceway: Nicknamed ‘The Paperclip’, located within the Ipswich Motorsport Park at Willowbank, home of motorsport in South-East Queensland.

See details of the Human Wanted campaign here:

Google Trekker on its way

IPSWICH’S leading tourist attractions, cultural and historical locations, hiking, biking and walking trails will be recorded for the world to see when the Google Street View Trekker arrives in April.

Google’s game-changing Street View Trekker program is part of the company’s efforts to make the most comprehensive map of the world available to everyone. It involves strapping on the 18kg Street View Trekker backpack that captures 360-degree images every two-and-a-half seconds via 15 cameras, to create an immersive experience of landscapes for people to see and explore before they set off on their own adventure.

The move will put Ipswich on the map in a whole new way.

“We have identified more than 40 locations and landmarks and the technology is on track to arrive next month,” Mayor Antoniolli said.

“Named among the world’s Top7 Intelligent Communities for 2018, Ipswich continues to innovate and this project is another example of thinking outside the square and pushing the boundaries.”

Tourism spokesman Cr David Pahlke said the Ipswich region was continuing to gain momentum as an adventure playground with some spectacular outdoor experiences and vibrant offerings within the heritage city itself. 

“My role is to ensure more and more people are discovering the hidden gems our region has to offer these days and the Google Street View Trekker will lure even more visitors here,” Cr Pahlke said.

With a long list of locations to cover, Ipswich is going to be a prime spot with these hidden gems available year round on Google Street View, thanks to the Trekker.

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