Inaugural public hearing of review panel considers sensitive landfill issues

A development application for a new landfill and recycling centre lodged by Wanless Recycling Park Pty Ltd will be decided by Ipswich City Council next month following the first public hearing of the Independent Decision Review Panel (IDRP).

The panel was chaired by Leo Jensen (Town Planner) and Mark Plattz (Traffic Engineer), both independent of council, and was held at the 1 Nicholas Street administration building on Thursday.

The public hearing was open to the applicants of the development application and members of the community who made a submission during the public notification period. The panel heard presentations from Wanless representatives and several submitters.

The development application lodged by Wanless received 60 submissions during the public notification period, with the IDRP considering several issues, including:

*              Reconfiguring a lot

*              Material Change of Use – special industry (waste transfer and resource recovery facility – includes waste recycling, reprocessing, storing, dismantling, baling, treating, screening, washing, crushing, grinding, milling, sizing or separating activities)

*              Material Change of Use – waste activity use involving landfill (combination of construction and demolition, commercial and industrial and putrescible waste)

*              Material Change of Use – waste activity use involving rehabilitating a mining void.

Between 40-50 people attended the hearing, including Mayor Teresa Harding and Councillors, the applicant and members of the Ipswich community.

A recording of the event is uploaded here:

Acting CEO Sonia Cooper said the independent public hearing had been extremely worthwhile and would benefit stakeholders and all interested parties.

“This process ensures complete transparency, with an open and accountable procedure,” Ms Cooper said.

“Once the panel has made its independent recommendations, these go to full council for consideration alongside those of council planning officers for the final decision on the application. That is expected to occur in September 2021.”

The IDRP was established by council in 2019 to deal with sensitive development applications and to review recommendations made by council planning officers.

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