Ipswich Art Gallery continues to deliver high class events

Ipswich City Council adopted the Arts and Cultural Strategy in May, a clear statement of commitment to invest in the arts and cultural capital of Ipswich.

As evidence of this commitment, the Ipswich Art Gallery will receive an extra $90,000 in funding to work with emerging local artists through a range of programs in 2018-19.

Arts and Community Development Committee Chairperson Cr Kylie Stoneman said the council budget included a commitment to support local artists and young people.

Cr Stoneman said program highlights for the year included a local artists exhibition in Stage Gallery, Silver & Gold – an exhibition from the National Gallery of Australia, a major local artist exhibition as part of Ipswich Festival 2019, and an Arthur Boyd exhibition.

“The quality of exhibitions and work from our Art Gallery is second to none,” she said.

Cr Stoneman said the gallery was known far and wide for its exceptional school holiday programs. “Our upcoming children’s programs include Treasure Hunt 27 June – 14 July) and Slapdash Galaxy, performed by Bunk Puppets, in the September/October school holidays.

“Treasure Hunt is a playful experience for young children aged 3 – 8 years (and their families). It is the perfect way to learn about fossicking and geology while having fun.  Start by creating your own treasure bag, then dig for treasure in the massive Treasure Hunt sand pit.

“Award-winning Bunk Puppets, creators of Swamp Juice and Sticks Stones Broken Bones, present Slapdash Galaxy, a new, delicious, DIY theatre event. Using the contents of your cleaning cupboard, Bunk Puppets conjure up astonishing lo-fi theatrical wizardry using old boxes, bubble wrap, drinking straws, tennis balls, ping pong bats and old toys. It’s a shadow puppet universe, made from bits of rubbish.”

Cr Stoneman said council was also planning a major children’s program for the December/January holidays and will release details as soon as possible.

“We have children and their parents coming from far and wide for our holiday events and we are committed to providing the best possible entertainment once again,” she said.

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