Ipswich City Council sets sights on improving local rivers

Ipswich City Council is set to play its part in the future of the region’s waterways after Mayor Teresa Harding called for a full report on the state of the Bremer River.

The report will give council a greater understanding of the current state of affairs in the Bremer River catchment, detailing its roles and responsibilities in the management of the river and other Ipswich waterways.

Mayor Harding said this would allow council to deliver targeted actions and investment to improve the Bremer River and other Ipswich waterways.  

“Council is committed to initiating action to clean up the Bremer River,” Mayor Harding said.

“This report is the first step towards commencing that action.

“Importantly, the report will help us identify all the various players in the Bremer River catchment and how they all work together.

“Historically, there have been various plans and reports on the Bremer River without consistent and coordinated investment.

“Now is the time for us all to work together to improve our beautiful waterways in Ipswich.”

It comes as Division 1 Councillor Jacob Madsen and Division 3 Councillor Andrew Fechner were recently appointed to the Ipswich Rivers Improvement Trust.

The statutory body, which is responsible for improving the function of rivers and creeks in Ipswich to reduce erosion and the impacts of flooding, will continue to work alongside council in the future management of Ipswich’s waterways.

Cr Fechner said he welcomed the ‘health check’ on the Bremer River catchment.

“As a new member of the Ipswich Rivers Improvement Trust, I welcome this health check,” Cr Fechner said.

“The new trust members recently met for the first time, and I know we are all very keen to work with the various stakeholders, including council, to improve our waterways here in Ipswich.

“The trust has made some great progress, particularly in relation to its riparian vegetation management program with contractors removing environmental weeds from sections of the Bundamba, Deebing, Ironpot, Franklin Vale, and Woogaroo Creeks.

“I look forward to continuing to work towards a better environmental outcome for our waterways in Ipswich.”

Cr Madsen said the report would kick start targeted action and investment based on the region’s strategies for long term improvements in the Bremer River catchment. 

“If we look at how our south east Queensland waterways have been treated over the past decades, it paints a damning picture,” Cr Madsen said.

“My family has been living in the Ipswich area since before 1860 and if we try to imagine what the rivers were like back then, they were certainly better than what they are now.

“I think it’s important to pursue initiatives such as these so that in 160 years from now, we’re looking at our waterways in an improved state of affairs and not something that has continued to decline.

“I want to see the river healthy and I fully support this report to help us achieve this.”

Find out more about Ipswich’s waterways on the Ipswich City Council website.  


  1. How about stopping developers destroying/overloading the natural waterways systems with their silt and stormwater in the first place??

    Should’nt cost much – actually IT’S FREE – already designed and constructed by mother nature

    Except the developers would not make as much money AND we the ratepayers would’nt have to pay to fix the mess the council’s planning and development approved development created.

  2. My Father did up a plan to have the a weir put into the Bremer and raise the level above the high tide line. This plan would be a huge step towards the improvement of the current state of the Bremer River if it were to be implemented.

    1. A great suggestion to have a weir, it would oxygenate the river and also with baskets in place a means to
      remove debris from the river.

    2. I am currently working on environmental plans for the city that will put ipswich on the world stage. These include the addition of a weir. Could you please provide a link to your father’s plans for consideration.

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