Ipswich city ready for new councillors

Robust policies, streamlined procedures, a strong fiscal position and a highly skilled workforce await a new mayor and councillors after they’re elected this weekend.

Interim administrator Steve Greenwood was speaking at the final council meeting before elected representation returns to Ipswich next month.

“We’re ready for handover,” Mr Greenwood said.

“Our teams have spent more than 18 months preparing a system which is now highly regarded in local government circles, and one which other councils are learning from.

“They have built policies and procedures which are first class and which will serve this city well into the future.”

Mr Greenwood said he had full confidence that the new council could govern in the knowledge they had a great leadership team behind them.

“It couldn’t be a worse time,” he said.

“Who could have picked that we’d be heading into recession, let alone under siege by a global pandemic.

“Regardless, this council has the right people to support the new council, it is in a superb financial position, and there is a passionate desire to help the community – particularly during these toughest of times.”

Ipswich City Council has a staff of about 1200 people.

“It is times like these that councils shine. They are the quiet achievers who step up to provide the ongoing civic support that the community needs,” he said.

“Our leaders should never lose sight of the critical role they play.”

He said all they need do was look at the line at Centrelink in the mornings: “This is real. And this council is ready to stand up at a time it is most needed.”

Dealing with the Covid-19 crisis now means people “could quite easily forget the achievements that council has made in the last 18 months”, he said.

“They (changes to council policy and procedure) have been very significant, they have consumed a lot of resources, a lot of time and a lot of effort by a lot of very good people.

“I think it is very important we don’t lose sight of that fact as we move into the next phase of this next, even more significant emergency.

“We are ready to return to elected leadership. It is going to be a very challenging time … as a council dealing with, working and building the capacity of our elected members so they can do their job at the same time dealing with one of the most significant challenges that the organisation will have dealt with for many, many years.”

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  1. Steve, I applaud the arduous work and dedication of you, Greg Chemello, and all involved in the Administration of the Ipswich Council.

    However, all this effort misses a glaring blindside in that we, the Ipswich public, know next to nothing about the candidates for this most important election.

    I was one of many people commenting about the woeful lack of details of these candidates, but nothing came of it. Many commented on not using Facebook or subscribing to the Queensland Times. Our household received only three separate leaflets – with the usual smiling head-shot, bullet-pointed platitudes, and baseless promises.


    What happened to public debate*, door knocking* or dissemination of details not hidden behind paywalls or a social media application many choose not to use?

    So, here we are expected to pop on a blindfold and pin a tail on a donkey. It is probably too late to cancel the election, but are we expected to ‘employ’ leaders without a job interview or information on what they believe, or how they intend to fund their promises?

    It is often suggested: “you get who you vote for” but, in this case, you do not have the chance to perform your personal due diligence to select the best candidate!
    *obviously referring to pre-COVID-19 for public debate or door knocking

  2. So why with the coronavirus are we still going to election. I pre voted yesterday and I have a very serious illness and should not have been out at all, but if I didn’t vote I’d be fined. So do I risk a fine or Coronavirus. And it was too late for me to postal vote. The line up was ridiculous as so many mums and dad were there with their kids after school. Bloody ridiculous. I guess if we were on the titanic…the first people on the life raft would be you bloody politicians.

  3. Steve well done to yourself, prior administrator Greg, the CEO and the dedicated Staff of Ipswich City Council for the work you have done to deliver to us the residents, rate payers after what the sack Council left behind.
    It is my hope that Elected members never get the opportunity to do again what the sacked Elected members did and should any of the sacked ones be given the trust of the people again, that they understand the old ways are gone and they need to start to act lawfully and with integrity.

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