Ipswich on show to 10 million global TV viewers

An American family has found their dream home in Ipswich with a little help from an international TV show.

Looking to make the move across the Pacific, the family of six from Texas set its sights on Redbank Plains with the father, originally from Brisbane, looking to get back to his roots.

Popular television show House Hunters International stepped in to help them in their search earlier this year.

Ipswich City Council’s conservation visitor management officer Jody Gilbert showed the couple around Ipswich’s White Rock-Spring Mountain Conservation Estate during filming.

“The couple both have military history, so we had a moment of reflection at the Gunpit before heading up to White Rock Ridge Track to film bushwalking and the scenic lookout,” she said.

“They were very casual and relaxed and genuinely interested in the history and natural features of the estate.”

The family also visited Dinmore Cottage (pictured), Springfield Lakes, Queens Park and Ipswich Nature Centre during filming.

Ms Gilbert said the couple were pleasantly surprised by the range of things to do in Ipswich. 

“They discovered there will always be plenty of opportunities to keep their growing family occupied with so many recreation, entertainment and cultural choices available,” she said.

“Being outdoorsy types, they’re also looking forward to exploring the many trails in our conservation estates.”

The crew also filmed some iconic Ipswich landmarks including St Mary’s Church, heritage buildings including Studio 188, Riverheart Parklands, d’Arcy Doyle Place, Top of Town and the water tower at Denmark Hill.

House Hunters International is aired in more than 100 countries across the globe, with each episode getting around 10 million viewers in the United States alone.

Ms Gilbert said that exposure would be fantastic for Ipswich.

“I think it adds to our sense of pride as a community when our city attracts the interest of an international TV show,” she said.

“We have such an array of community, built and natural assets – showcasing them to a wider audience will enhance the perception that Ipswich is a fascinating place to visit and a great place to live.”

The family were already in Australia prior to country’s border closure. No COVID-19 travel restrictions were breached.

An air date for the Ipswich episode of House Hunters International is yet to be released. You can watch House Hunters International on Nine Life.

Could your place be the next Ipswich location on the big screen?

Local private building owners, including residential and commercial, can get on filmmakers’ radars by signing up to the Screen Queensland database.

Having your building registered can lead to an alternative revenue stream and free advertising, with rent ranging from $100 to $10,000 a week depending on the duration of filming.

Interested? Submit your location at Discover Ipswich.

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  1. Not at all happy with a new radio station.. You used ONE LINE to gloss over our RESIDENT RADIO STATION “RIVER 949”. Its understandable that print services that have gone out of production, or have transferred to on-line, may give rise to an alternative print, but to add a new radio station , give it a huge rap, and be so dismissive to our faithfull family RADIO , RIVER 949 ,sorry but that’s inexcusable.

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