Ipswich residents urged to save water as dam levels drop

Ipswich residents are being urged to consider how they could cut down their water usage, as South East Queensland dams drop to a combined level of 60 per cent capacity.

It comes as bulk water supplier Seqwater recently enacted the region’s Drought Response Plan.

Under the plan, water restrictions are not required across South East Queensland until the combined water grid dam levels drop to 50 per cent capacity.

Urban Utilities spokeswoman Michelle Cull said that shouldn’t stop residents from taking action now.

“We don’t need to wait for water restrictions to save water,” Ms Cull said.

“If we all do a little bit now, it could make a big difference down the track.”

The region’s water usage is currently sitting at around 170 litres per person per day.

Ms Cull said residents should consider how they can save water without sacrificing necessary hygiene measures.

“It is important people keep up their handwashing and hygiene behaviours during the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are many ways to reduce your water use,” Ms Cull said.

“To help preserve dam levels, we’re asking everyone ‘how low can you go?’ when it comes to saving water around their home and garden.

“If you’ve already cut your shower time to under four minutes, why not try something new. Grab a bucket and pop it in the shower while the water heats up, then use that water on your garden.

“With the arrival of spring, many people are spending more time in their garden and outdoor water use can start to creep up, so that’s an important area to watch.

“Simple ways to save water outside include watering before 8am and after 4pm, mulching to retain moisture and choosing water-wise plants.”

For more tips on how to save water visit urbanutilities.com.ay/howlow

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