Ipswich shoots a goal with Netball Carnival

If you happen to be driving along Chermside Road this weekend and you look down the hill, you will see a sea of netball players, umpires, volunteers and proud parents.

As Netball Queensland strives to make it a game accessible and enjoyable sport for all regardless of gender, this year, for the first time, you will also spot some boys pivoting with the best of them.

Ipswich does not have a boys team this year, but there is plenty of interest, they hope to have one for next year.

The Ipswich Netball Association is hosting the Nissan State Age Championships for 12 to 15 years from 7 July to 10 July.

More than 240 teams will be competing from across the state with 40 associations represented.

Ipswich’s own Kiara Condon, 14 and Monique Dowse, 15 (pictured) are looking forward to the competition.

They both sight meeting new people as a highlight of the event.

“You meet so many different people, they come from everywhere,” Monique said.

“Friendships you make on and off the court and meeting new people, are a highlight,” Kiara said.

“I like the competitive side of it and working as a team. Winning would also be great.

Monique explains why winning is not the most important thing.

“Winning is not the most important thing because if everyone is working hard and having fun, you feel like you are winning anyway. If you go down fighting, you still feel good.”

Ipswich has a long and proud history of involvement with sporting competitions at all levels, from grassroots community events through to professional leagues. It is a pleasure to welcome competitors to Ipswich for Netball Queensland’s 2018 Nisan State Age Championship.

This is a homecoming of sorts for the event, which was last held here in 2013, and it promises to be an entertaining four days of competition. I commend organisers for their focus on encouraging participation and the mental and physical well-being of all competitors.

Ipswich is renowned as a ‘city of firsts’, so it is only fitting that the first time Netball Queensland offers the opportunity for boys to play at the State Age Championship that it would be in Ipswich. Best of luck to all involved.

Acting Mayor Cr Wayne Wendt
City of Ipswich

About the Championships

  • Approximately 2500 players from across the state will compete.
  • There are 249 girls teams, and five boys teams.
  • Teams will come from all over the state, include some travelling from Mareeba and Cairns.

Ipswich first

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