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Ipswich’s eastern suburbs continue to rise and shine with further growth

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Like the rising sun, the east of Ipswich continues to shine with increasing numbers of people moving in and building new homes.

Council’s Planning and Regulatory Services Quarterly Report from 1 January to 31 March 2024, released this week, provides a snapshot of population growth and development activity across the city.

More than 1,600 people moved into Ipswich in the first quarter of 2024, and a further 625 lots were created even as overall growth slowed a little compared to 2023.

Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding said the number of new residents brings the city’s population to 254,093 – a rise of 0.7 per cent on the final figure for 2023.

“Growth in our eastern suburbs continues to deliver, with Ripley our fastest-growing suburb, welcoming 395 new residents and 129 new dwellings over the quarter,” Mayor Harding said.

“Redbank Plains, South Ripley, Spring Mountain, Brookwater and Collingwood Park round out the top growth suburbs this quarter.”

Mayor Harding said Ipswich remains one of the fastest growing cities in Queensland and needs constant Federal and State government investment in infrastructure and transport.

“Our latest figures support council’s ongoing advocacy efforts for the public transport corridor between Ipswich Central and Springfield Central, and state support for the booming Ripley development area,” Mayor Harding said.

“We need more road, rail and transport options to cater for our increasing population. This is something council will be fighting hard for with an upcoming election in Queensland, and a federal election not too long after that.”

A quarter-by-quarter comparison showed a drop in the number of people moving to the city (2,387 to 1,646) from the October-December 2023 period, but still a significant number.

Total dwellings increased by 0.6 per cent to 92,696, but new dwellings decreased by 29.1 per cent in this quarter compared to the last quarter, 835 to 569.

On the flip side, lots created (625) and lots approved (529) reported 19.5 per cent and 22.4 per cent increases on the previous quarter, indicating a growing confidence in development ahead.

“This is a clear sign that activity is set to pick up again in 2024 and we will likely see another boost to our population and the corresponding demands on infrastructure, including our traffic network,” Mayor Harding said.

“It shows that people have confidence in Ipswich as a vibrant, attractive place to settle, an ideal city to live, work and play.

“Delivering our own major infrastructure and lobbying the State and Federal governments for our fair share of funding are key issues this new council is focused on.”

Ripley (395 new residents, 129 new dwellings), Redbank Plains (209, 73), South Ripley (172, 55), Spring Mountain (150, 49), Brookwater (49 homes) and Collingwood Park (122 new residents) were the city’s fastest growing suburbs.

Business activity also increased as 103 new food business licences were lodged or approved over the quarter – an increase of six on the previous quarter.

Council received 4,894 customer service requests – up 29.1 per cent on the previous quarter – with 786 reports of overgrown private property, 496 reports of illegal dumping, 492 reports of illegal parking on footpaths, 318 reports of abandoned vehicles, 172 reports of unregistered dogs and 135 reports of roaming dogs.

Mayor Harding said the increase in overgrown private property complaints is indicative of the challenges both council and the community face in managing growing conditions, especially given the rainfall and heat in early 2024. These issues should become more manageable as the weather cools.

There were 3,192 parking infringements issued across the quarter, which was up 31 per cent from the October-December period.

The quarterly report card also shows:

  • 594 community clinic immunisations undertaken
  • 31,697 dog registrations
  • 17.69km of additional pathways and bikeways created
  • 13.18km of additional local roads
  • 2,612 plumbing inspections
  • 0.69ha of additional local parks.

The full Planning and Regulatory Services Quarterly Report can be read here.

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