Ipswich’s sustainable future open to community feedback

Residents can have their say on Ipswich’s draft Sustainability Strategy this month, as council hosts eight ‘pop up’ community information sessions across the city and opens a Shape Your Ipswich page to public comment until 31 October.

Council is seeking community feedback on the strategy’s current action areas: Sustainable Council, Climate Adaptation, Transport and Mobility, Natural Environment and Healthy Waterways and the Circular Economy.

Mayor Teresa Harding thanked residents and ratepayers for sharing their views.

“It’s been fantastic to see so many community members’ passion for keeping our city liveable over earlier rounds of consultation,” Mayor Harding said.

“Ideas from backyard worm farms to global initiatives were raised, with waste, recycling, renewable energy and water efficiency as recurrent community themes.

“Our green spaces and sustainability initiatives are helping to make Ipswich a lifestyle destination for families.”

Environment and Sustainability Committee Chair Councillor Russell Milligan said the sustainability strategy is about working together with the community, industry and other levels of government to protect our environment.

“Our vision is for an environmentally resilient, economically prosperous and sustainable Ipswich that meets the needs of our community now and into the future,” Cr Milligan said.

“Sustainability requires a whole of city approach, and that is why we need again touch base with the community to close the loop on the previous consultation and ensure that we have got the sustainability priorities right for our city.”

To have your say, come and talk to the Council team at any of the in-person sessions as follows:

  • Wednesday 13 October, 10am to noon at Karalee Shopping Centre
  • Thursday 14 October, 4pm to 7pm at Ipswich Central Library
  • Tuesday 19 October, 9am to 4pm at Orion Shopping Centre
  • Tuesday 19 October, 9am to 1pm at Springfield Library
  • Thursday 21 October, 9am to 7pm at Riverlink Shopping Centre

The latest draft Sustainability Strategy has been developed off the back of the Sustainability Policy that was endorsed by Council in November 2020.

For more information about council’s current Sustainability Policy and to comment on the draft Sustainability Strategy, visit

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  1. If you want healthy waterways stop developers from destroying by allowing the discharges from their profit making destruction of ecosystems .
    That is stormwater from the streets and roof tops resulting increased volume and velocity causing erosion
    Don’t allow clearing of vegetation/building in catchment flowpaths
    Stop the discharge from the clearing resulting in sediment runoff.
    Remove “developer offsets” which is in my opinion simply developers paying a fee to get permission to destroy functioning catchment systems

  2. Dream on council .
    The plan has no teeth in the fact that there is no active link to the source of sustainability action .That is Planning and Development So for example developer offsets and other environmentally damaging mechanisms still exist.
    To have any real effect the plan must address and be able to have a direct effect in planing and development.
    The question is this real or a PR stunt??

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