It’s going to get hot in the city this week

Ipswich is in for a warm start to spring with temperatures forecast to climb well above average this week.

The city’s average maximum temperature for September is 25.7 degrees, with forecasts showing it will be exceeded every day this week.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Harry Clark said a vigorous north-westerly trough was set to drag warm air from the state’s interior across the south-east, causing temperatures to spike before a cooler change washes through from Saturday.

“Basically, it’s going to get warmer and warmer until next week, with a top of 30 degrees forecast for Tuesday (today) and 33 for Wednesday (tomorrow),” he said.

Thursday and Friday will be the warmest days, with a forecast maximum of 35 degrees on Thursday and 36 degrees on Friday.

The above average temperatures will bring with them increased fire danger.

It continues a particularly dry spell for Ipswich which recorded 6mm of rain in August, well below the city’s historical August rainfall average of 28.3mm.

The story was much the same for winter as a whole with 48mm of rain recorded, which is 43 per cent of the city’s historical winter rainfall average of 112mm.

As well as warm days this week, the city can expect cooler starts to the day with a minimum temperature of 8 degrees forecast for Wednesday and 9 degrees for Thursday.

The mornings should be a little warmer on Friday and Saturday.

“We will see quite big temperature changes throughout the day,” Mr Clark said.

For those hoping for some respite for their parched gardens, the news is not good with dry and warmer than average conditions expected to continue in the coming months.

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