Largest firework in Ipswich’s history to be launched Friday night

The night sky above Ipswich will be lit up in a spectacular array of colours when the largest fireworks shell to be launched in the city’s history takes flight this Friday.

The Ipswich Show Society has planned a special aerial fireworks display for 7.30pm sharp on 15 May to celebrate what would have been the 147th annual Ipswich Show.

It will follow a short ceremony from 7.15pm during which show society president David Thomas and Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding will speak.

The ceremony and fireworks display will be live-streamed on the Ipswich Show Facebook page.

Ipswich Show Society vice-president Darren Zanow said the fireworks would be visible from across the city.

“Unfortunately the show cannot go ahead this year, however there is a silver lining in that having no crowds at the showgrounds means we can launch the largest fireworks shell ever to be fired in Ipswich,” he said.

“Shells of this magnitude are fired very rarely because they need open space and cannot be fired too close to crowds.

“It will be spectacular and because it is being launched very high up into the night sky, the community will be able to hear it and see it for quite a distance.

“For anyone who cannot see it from their house, we encourage them to jump online and watch the live-stream on the show’s Facebook page.”

Mr Zanow said the show was one of the community’s most anticipated annual events and they did not want to let show day pass without marking it.

“Fireworks are really the only big, public thing we can do. Everyone has been through a tough time in the past few months and this is about doing what we can to put a smile on people’s faces,” he said.

“The show is all about community and while we cannot come together this year, the fireworks are a tribute to the hundreds of show volunteers, entrants and workers as well as those who have kept us safe during this COVID-19 crisis.”

The fireworks will cap off a day of celebrations for the city. Other activities on the day include:

Front Yard Friday: Decorate your front yard and order your favourite local takeaway to show your community spirit. The show society is getting in on the fun with hay bale sculptures along its boundary on Warwick Road. Activities and more information available here.

Bring the show into your home: The Festival of 4 Walls begins on Friday. This online festival includes an augmented reality mini Ipswich Show experience. Anyone with a smartphone or tablet can bring a touch of the show into their home. Full details here.

Digital pet parade: Ipswich Hospital Foundation has teamed up with the show society for a digital pet parade. It’s for a great cause, raising funds for therapy dogs in hospitals. There are also great prizes on offer. More information here.

Online showcase: Ipswich Show Society is hosting an online showcase for people to show off what they would have entered in this year’s show. You have until 17 May to get your entries in. Full details here.

Shop the holiday: Businesses in Ipswich’s Top of Town precinct are encouraging residents to ‘Shop the Show Holiday’ by picking up a takeaway coffee and brunch. Take a quick look at a few stores while you’re at it. More information here.

Are your animals ready for fireworks?

Fireworks are lots of fun for humans but they can be frightening for our animal friends. The RSPCA Queensland recommends the following measures be taken to prepare your pets.

  • If you have a dog, take it for a walk in the afternoon, a few hours before dinner.
  • If you are home, avoid fussing over your pet but try to engage them in normal activities such as playing, and reward your dog for calm behaviour with treats or toys.
  • Create a comfortable space for your pet with curtains closed, put on music to help mask the outside noise.
  • Never tether your dog during these times as they can injure themselves when fretting.
  • Make sure your dog or cat is microchipped and that your contact details are up to date so that if they do accidentally escape they can be reunited easier. ID tags on their collar are also helpful.
  • Keep cats indoors, they will usually find their own place to hide and venture out when the noise stops.
  • Small animals should also be housed securely during fireworks.

Source: RSPCA Queensland.

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