Local artists encouraged to provide marquee public art piece for Ipswich CBD redevelopment

Ipswich City Council is seeking expressions of interest from artists for the provision of a significant piece of public art in the Nicholas Street-Ipswich Central redevelopment.

Council has engaged a specialist public art consultant iAM (Independent Arts Management) to develop a Public Art Strategy and assist with the management and delivery of the Public Art Plan for the Nicholas Street – Ipswich Central CBD redevelopment project.

“The role of public art in public spaces is critical to fostering community identity and creating a sense of place and is considered fundamental in the ongoing cultural development and success of Ipswich’s CBD and surrounds,” said council’s General Manager of Coordination and Performance Sean Madigan.

Council has formed an advisory panel to oversee the development and implementation of the strategy. The approved budget allowance for the plan for the civic project is $650,000.

The primary artwork – a commissioned item of public art such as a sculpture – will be located in a prominent position in the civic space adjacent to the new Ipswich City Council Administration
Building. It will be supported by a secondary and tertiary level works, which will be sought at a later date.

A shortlist will be developed from the EOI process. Three or four artists will then be invited to take part in the competitive concept design phase.

“The primary artwork will feature as the primary landmark in the redeveloped Ipswich CBD and attract and engage visitors to the public realm. It is anticipated that the early commencement of procurement process for the primary artwork will deliver the best outcome for both the redevelopment and the community,” Mr Madigan said.

Council will consider adding a member of the Ipswich arts community to the advisory panel.

Public art from artist Sebastian Di Mauro at Redbank Town Square


  1. It would be nice to see some artwork that is symboloic to the Ipswich region (e.g. Defence, manufacturing, mining heritage, railways) Art that can be looked at as a statement for the region and to provide some thought provoking ideas. What would the industrial community like to see?

    1. Not everyone enjoys living in a dump which is what Ipswich looks like at the moment. And the council certainly doesn’t waste money the problem has been they never spend it on anything. Maybe try leaving Ipswich and see the big wide world out there which has art and gardens and beauty instead of the homeless and poor queuing for the food drop off in our current town square.

  2. I think council funding public art is a greta idea however I question the amount being spent on this and the timing. Shouldn’t this wait until we have an elected council. Who is the group who are advising on this? What are their qualifications?

  3. Hi Ipswich First, Is there any information on how to submit the EOI? And where would one find that information?

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