Make your coffee a day cheaper: Bring Your Own Cup

It is estimated that coffee drinkers in Ipswich use about 10 million coffee cups a year.

And the majority of those cups cannot be recycled.

Disposable coffee cup contribute to more than 20 per cent of landfill waste.

It is a serious issue – but something we can all do something about. Ipswich City Council’s Sustainable Ipswich Week, from 6-12 August, features BYO Coffee Cup Day on Tuesday 7 August.

By making the switch to your own reusable coffee cup you can bring a positive change to your lifestyle and the environment.

And help your hip pocket. Some cafes and coffee shops around Ipswich offer a 50c discount to patrons who bring in their own reusable coffee cup.

Beans and Greens Cafe, 61 Limestone St, Ipswich, is one place offering the 50c discount and owner Ravi Arya said he had noticed an increase is use recently.

“It has gradually increased from 5 per cent, to 10 per cent, to about 15 per cent of coffee drinkers now bringing in their own reusable coffee cups,” he said.

“It would be great for the environment to get that up to 50 per cent.”

Sustainable Ipswich Week (August 6-12) is an opportunity for the community to be involved in promoting and celebrating sustainability and our environment.

Participate in the range of activities and events throughout the week and learn valuable information on ways in which we can all live more sustainably now and into the future.

By working together we can protect and enhance our environment and its liveability for current and future generations.

Get inspired and get involved in Sustainable Ipswich Week!

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