Meet the Ipswich muso making a name for herself

Ipswich’s Brittney Kahl has always loved the arts and being on stage.

She grew up performing at local eisteddfod’s and music venues, and more recently has carved a career out of her passion running a local live music and arts development venue.

Now, Ms Kahl is making a name for herself in the broader Queensland music industry after she was awarded a coveted position in the QMusic Women in Music Mentorship program.

“I’m really excited to connect and work with other emerging female industry professionals, and pour the skills and knowledge gained in the program back into my local community,” Ms Kahl said.

“I’m also very proud too be one of the five mentees from a regional city.”

As part of the State Government-led program, nine emerging music professionals from across Queensland have been tasked with delivering a tour showcasing a line up of female artists in North Queensland later this year.

Mayor Teresa Harding said it was fantastic to see Ipswich creatives recognised for their contribution to the Queensland music industry.

“We congratulate you Brittney on this wonderful opportunity to grow your talent and work with other female leaders in music.

“Our vibrant creative sector brings so much to Ipswich, from social and economic benefits to new additions to our rich heritage.”

Ms Kahl is responsible for venue booking and production, a fitting role given her experience at running Studio 188 in Ipswich Central.

“Understanding what regional venues need to know and working that into the overall plan has been a really fun and valuable experience so far,” Ms Kahl said.

“It’s given me a bit of an edge.”

While the program may have just kicked off, Ms Kahl said it is already paying off.

“It has been rewarding developing my professional skills on a project of this scale, as well as expanding my network with other female emerging industry professionals and artists,” Ms Kahl said.

“I think one of the best things about the mentorship program has been the connections I’ve made with other similar communities across Queensland and learning about how they run the show in their cities and towns.”

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Going from strength to strength, Ms Kahl has also been selected as a judge for the Queensland Music Awards in the Schools category.

“I just love discovering new young talent, especially local, and supporting artists to pursue their musical careers and show them that they actually can turn their hobby into a career,” Ms Kahl said.

“The Ipswich live music and entertainment scene has so much potential, especially across Top of Town, as there are already some incredible venues kicking goals along Brisbane Street and some amazingly talented artists writing and releasing some sensational original music.”

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