Meet your Division 4 Councillor: David Cullen

A fresh perspective and focus on efficiency are the most valuable things newly elected Division 4 Councillor David Cullen believes he can bring to Ipswich City Council.

The Karalee resident, together with wife Rebecca, has four children and is a successful businessperson, owning and operating one of the biggest driving schools in Queensland.

Cr Cullen said improving roads, addressing concerns about mowing and finding efficiencies in how council provides services were key focuses for the four-year term ahead.

“I spend a lot of time on our local roads so I know firsthand, particularly in Division 4, they have not kept pace with the growth of our city,” Cr Cullen said.

“We need to get that sorted as quickly as we can – I know there is a (capital works) plan in place but we need to look at how we can get that done quicker.

“One of the other areas I would like to look at is the efficiency of council’s fleet, because you can potentially save a lot of money through how you run your fleet operations.”

Key Facts - Cr Cullen
  • Cr Cullen has lived in Ipswich since age 12 when he was placed in a children’s home and currently lives at Karalee with wife Rebecca and four daughters.
  • Cr Cullen owns and operates one of Queensland’s biggest driving schools – Ipswich Pro Drive, which has a team of more than 50 instructors working in the Ipswich region.
  • He is also a part owner of Ace Driving School in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, which has a team of more than 30 instructors.
  • Cr Cullen is passionate about road safety, having experienced a serious B-Double crash himself near Gladstone in 2007. He was on the Steering Committee for driver training program Braking the Cycle, funding three cars to help young drivers be better prepared behind the wheel.
  • Cr Cullen is a member of Ipswich City Rotary Club, Ipswich Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry and has previously served as president of West Moreton Auto Club.

Cr Cullen has a long history with operating a fleet of vehicles through his driving school, Ipswich Pro Drive, and transport business Ipswich Car Carriers.

“If we can save money in how we operate our fleet or deliver services then we can invest that money back into other community services or much-needed infrastructure,” Cr Cullen said.

“I know it might only be a little bit but we have to start somewhere and every little bit counts.”

Cr Cullen has faced many challenges throughout his life, having been adopted at the age of four weeks before his adoptive parents split up when he was about six years old.

After finishing high school, Cr Cullen struggled to find direction before one day deciding he wanted a better life for himself and his family.

He now regularly shares his success story with local youth in the hope of inspiring them to a successful future.

I want our city’s young people to know I’m nothing special, and for any kid to look at me and think they have got a chance to achieve things in the life, they can do this.

Cr David Cullen

Division 4 Councillor, Ipswich City Council

Division 4 at a glance

  • Division 4 contains rural and urban suburbs and areas with significant projected growth including Marburg and Rosewood.
  • The division covers a geographic catchment of 342 square kilometres.
  • It includes the suburbs of Amberley, Ashwell, Barellan Point, Blacksoil, Brassall, Churchill, Chuwar, Haigslea, Ironbark, Karalee, Karrabin, Lanefield, Marburg, Moores Pocket, Mount Marrow, Muirlea, North Ipswich, North Tivoli, Pine Mountain, Rosewood, Tallegalla, Thagoona, The Bluff, Tivoli, Walloon, Woolshed, Wulkuraka (north of the railway line) and Yamanto.

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