More local florists continue to spread floral sunshine

Local florists are continuing to spread happiness across Ipswich with their bright bouquets and pretty posies, as the community comes to terms with what could be months of social distancing due to COVID-19.

Angela Jacob, whose Brassall Florist shop will this year celebrate 30 years in Ipswich, said she has never experienced anything like this.

“We’ve seen a depression, the rise and fall of the economy, deregulation allowing flowers to be sold in supermarkets, the introduction of the internet, a variety of Prime Ministers and numerous health scares over the years, but nothing like the grip that this ‘invisible monster’ the COVID-19 virus has on our community,” Ms Jacob said.

Blooms from Brassall Florist

Lynne Morgan who owns A Floral Fantasy in Ipswich also acknowledged the unprecedented circumstances and said she felt very fortunate that she was able to stay open to help the community get through these trying times.

“Our customers are sending flowers for all sorts of reasons right now – birthdays, anniversaries, bereavement, and simply to just let their loved ones know they’re thinking of them,” she said.

“In past couple of weeks, we’ve delivered a number of bouquets with messages for people who have had to cancel their wedding because of the new social distancing requirements.

“I’m glad we can help be there for people who have been affected by the current situation.”

Some of the lovely arrangements from A Floral Fantasy

Ms Jacob said it was a similar situation at Brassall Florist.

“The community desperately needs a way to show that they care and that’s where we are able to help,” Ms Jacob said.

“We’ve had orders where family members have phoned in wanting to send flowers to elderly loved ones in isolation or in care facilities that they can’t visit and they’ve been in tears.

“It’s heartbreaking to hear their sadness and frustration. However, they really appreciate the love and caring words of support we have been able to offer them, and the reassurance and comfort that their gift of flowers will mean the world to their friend or family member who receives them.

“We see ourselves as playing a vital role as the last frontier, the last ‘link of love’, that people can rely on to express their sentiments with our floral arrangements that we create on their behalf.

“We provide a message of love in a real and tangible way – a gift of flowers created with thoughtful care can be accompanied by balloons, chocolates, scented candles or a cuddly bear that your loved ones can actually hug.”

Angela Jacob from Brassall Florist encourages people to ‘say it with flowers’!

The efforts of local florists to keep people positive certainly haven’t gone unnoticed in the community.

“The Ipswich community has certainly been rallying around us and continuing to support us, which we really appreciate,” Ms Morgan said.

“We still have all our regular customers getting their flower fix through us.

“We’re well established, we’ve been in the Ipswich community for about eight years, so our customers trust what we do and are still picking up the phone and ordering.

“I encourage people to keep doing what they would normally do, with care and concern for those around them.”

Ms Jacob had a similar message for the community.

“We encourage the community to please support their local small businesses,” she said.

“It is likely that the big corporate businesses will still survive these terrible times, but many of your local family owned shops may not without your valued support.”

Blooms from A Floral Fantasy

A Floral Fantasy and Brassall Florist stores both remain open for the time being. They are both also offering no-contact ordering and delivery.

Want to send someone a bouquet to brighten their day while supporting local business? Contact details for some local florists are listed below.

  • A Floral Fantasy, head in store at 32 Warwick Road, Ipswich, or place an order over the phone on 3496 1422
  • Brassall Florist, head in store at 100 Pine Mountain Road, Brassall, or place an order over the phone on 3201 6088
  • Stevensons Florist, place an order online or over the phone on 3288 0373
  • Ipswich Florist, place an order online or over the phone on 3281 5066
  • Molly’s Self Raising Flowers, check their Facebook page or phone them on 3294 6903


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