Motorists can make efficient road choices with new Ipswich Traffic website

Ipswich motorists can now tap into a new website to find out where congestion, works or other changed traffic conditions on local roads might slow you down.

Ipswich City Council has launched the Ipswich Traffic internet page which gives up-to-date information on road closures within the region.

The web address is:

The new web display for all current road closures went live to the public on Friday, 29 May.

The Ipswich Traffic web page will replace Road Work Updates on the council website;

  • The web page will include information about traffic impacts that are in place for longer than 24 hours;
  • This will be used by council’s Planning and Regulatory Services and Infrastructure and Environment Department staff to make known traffic impacts publically available;
  • The web site will allow for people to navigate to or search for a location on the map to check the extent and expected timeframe of the traffic impacts;
  • All road closure information will be updated in real time to the State Government’s road closure information at 13 Traffic (13 19 40); and
  • This will in turn inform GPS software for route planning to detour vehicles around known traffic impacts, reduce travel time and/or provide awareness of expected delays.

General Manager of Infrastructure and Environment Charlie Dill said motorists will certainly benefit from the live information now available at their fingertips.

“This will come in extremely handy for Ipswich residents and ratepayers,” he said.

“It has taken some time to put together, but we are delighted with the result and I am sure motorists will be too.

“The website will be user-friendly and provide details on all road closures known to Council that will be in place for more than 24 hours, excluding emergent (emergency) works.

“Road closures can be frustrating, but this will save you time. Imagine you use Briggs Road regularly, but there are temporary closures for road works. Now, you will be available to check out your route on Traffic Ipswich and decide whether to take an alternative, such as Warwick Road or Whitehill Road.”

For road accident information, motorists can still check out TMR, RACQ and Google Maps websites or apps.

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