Names chosen for Nicholas Street places and spaces

The first names for places and spaces in the new CBD redevelopment have been endorsed by council.

During August, the Ipswich community had its say on what names they would like to see in the new CBD redevelopment.

The Name Your Places and Spaces campaign ran on the Shape Your Ipswich website and attracted close to 3,000 visitors, with 304 participants suggesting names and more than 6,500 votes recorded across those suggestions.

On Thursday, council endorsed names for the overall redevelopment precinct, the new general library, new civic space and a laneway commonly known as Bottle Alley. The endorsed names are:

Nicholas Street Precinct: This will apply to the overall precinct which is between Brisbane, Ellenborough, Bremer and Bell streets.

Ipswich Central Library: This will apply to the new general library set to open in the coming months.

Tulmur Place: This will apply to the newly created civic plaza which will be a focal point for the community as well as a space where community celebrations and entertainment will take place.

Bottle Alley: This will apply to the existing laneway already colloquially known as Bottle Alley.

Ipswich Central Redevelopment Committee chairperson Deputy Mayor Marnie Doyle said community feedback was considered in selecting the names.

“I want to thank the community for the wonderful suggestions put forward during the consultation and assure them that careful consideration has gone into selecting these names,” Cr Doyle said.

“Retaining the Nicholas Street Precinct name makes sense because it is a well-known and long established name for the area.

“It has also been widely used in recent years in marketing and promotion for the precinct.

“Similarly, Ipswich Central Library is a very practical name for the new general library that aligns with naming conventions of other libraries across the city.

“It means the new library will be easy for the community to find.

“I recognise that other suggestions were put forward for the name of the library, but I am confident we can include some of those in other ways, such as names for rooms within the library itself.”

Cr Doyle said she was particularly excited to see the new civic plaza endorsed as Tulmur Place and that officially naming the laneway that links Nicholas and Ellenborough streets as Bottle Alley was a no-brainer.

“It came through loud and clear in the consultation that the community already recognised this space as Bottle Alley,” Cr Doyle said.

“While the laneway has been widely known as Bottle Alley for many years, it has in fact never been officially named. Today’s decision locks in the name.”

Cr Doyle said deciding on the four names was important as key redevelopment milestones were quickly approaching, with the civic plaza and new general library to open in the coming months.

“Locking in these names allows for council staff to continue progressing toward the opening of these important community assets and undertake work such as confirming and ordering signage,” Cr Doyle said.

Names for other spaces and places in the precinct, including the new children’s library, event spaces and new council administration building will be determined by council at a later date.

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    1. Yes, Tulmur Place has a nice ring to it – one could say ‘ natural ‘ and the fact that it is from the Aboriginal makes it all the more pleasing and uplifting to acknowledge our First Nation peoples.

  1. I must say the naming of lane way 1 Cribb and Foote is a fitting mark on Ipswich history n well done

    I am very open to all things council do n say n I give my thumbs up or down n don’t hesitate to give my opinion
    Weather it’s wanted or not
    This is great for our heritage of our town only now need to remove the several ugly paintings about town n put up more REAL INDIGENOUS ONES n so Rel heritage ones

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