New bin stickers spell out council recycling message

New bin stickers will be stuck on yellow top bins from Monday until the end of August, explaining the new Recycle 4 strategy in Ipswich.

Council has contracted workers from local charity organisation yourtown and not-for-profit organisation NORTEC to put about 78,000 stickers on residents’ yellow top bins.

The brightly coloured stickers will highlight the Recycle 4 message, which targets four specific items:

Paper – newspaper, magazines, junk mail, office paper

Plastic – bottles and containers (milk, soft drink and shampoo bottles; yoghurt and ice-cream tubs)

Cardboard – boxes including pizza boxes

Cans and Tins – aluminium and steel (drink cans, food tins and aerosol cans)

Works, Parks and Sport Committee Acting Chairman Cr David Morrison said workers would get to between 3,500 and 4,000 yellow top bins per day over the month-long operation.

“They will have identifiable name tags and they will not go into or on properties. They will affix the stickers to the yellow top bins at the kerbside, or if that is not possible leave the sticker in the mail box,” he said.

“We ask residents that if it is your once-a-fortnight recycling collection day, please leave your yellow top bin out for as long as possible during July and August so the workers can visit your street and put the stickers on the bins.”

Cr Morrison said stickers left in the mailbox would be inside a biodegradable polybag with an instructional insert.

Residents would be instructed to wipe the top of the yellow bin lid, peel the back off the sticker and put it squarely on the top.

“If you notice that your neighbours have the new Recycle 4 bin sticker and you didn’t receive one in your letterbox , the stickers will also be freely available at council customer service centres across the city,” Cr Morrison said.

“We are trying to make it as simple as possible for residents. You told us you wanted new stickers, clearly spelling out what you can recycle under the new program. And these stickers deliver that message.”

Acting Mayor Wayne Wendt said residents should also have received a Recycle 4 envelope in the mail this week with a letter, signed by him and fellow Ipswich councillors, outlining the city’s new recycling strategy –including no glass in the yellow top bin and where to take bottles and jars instead – and a recycling information postcard.

“The postcard has a magnet on the back, so residents can stick the card to the fridge. It will serve as a guide to those members of the household not familiar with the new recycling program or what to put in which bin,” Cr Wendt said.

He said it was great council could partner with yourtown and NORTEC to distribute the bin stickers as both organisations operated out of Ipswich.

“Yourtown works closely with young people to help them find jobs, learn skills and live safe and happy lives. NORTEC is a community-owned organisation which focuses on the local community’s social and economic well-being,” Cr Wendt said.

Crs Morrison and Wendt encouraged residents to sign up to the Ipswich Bin App or visit the Ipswich City Council webpage for more information on recycling, or phone 3810 6666.

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