Nicholas St update: Core of admin building continues to rise

Large areas of Nicholas Street in the Ipswich CBD have now been paved as efforts to turn it into a low-speed, one-way street continue.

The work is part of the Nicholas St precinct redevelopment.

As well as paving, seating and landscaping works along the new Nicholas Street are also progressing.

Earlier this week, the first installation of tactile paving took place.

This included the installation of differently textured ground surfaces to help visually impaired pedestrians to navigate their way through the space.

The lift core of the new council administration building.

An irrigation system for newly installed trees and planter boxes is now up and running, with the trees doing well despite ongoing hot conditions.

The lift core for the new Ipswich City Council administration building continues to advance, with crews also working on the reinforcement of the building’s footings.

For those working on the new Ipswich Central Library, the focus this week has been on the fifth and sixth foundation pours.

There are currently about 75 tradespeople working across the development site.

Businesses in the precinct remain open and are preparing for a special VIP shopping event on 1 December.

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The lift core at basement level.

Paving, seating and trees have been installed along the new Nicholas Street.

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  1. What a great development really can’t wait till it’s open. Hope there are a lot of great speciality shops and eateries that move in

  2. That’s excellent news, it’s time to change the “Ipswich’s” image from an undesirable/bogan place to live to a thriving modern big town full of opportunities and good people.

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