Nicholas St update: Core of new council administration building takes shape

The number of workers on site for the Nicholas St redevelopment continues to climb, rising to 75 in the past week.

Crews working on the civic plaza part of the redevelopment have completed the second concrete pour for the slab of the new library.

They have also finished the first concrete in-fill for the opening left by the removed travelator.

Those working on Nicholas Street are making good time with paving, electrical and lighting installation ongoing.

Lift and stair core construction in progress.

The first delivery of street furniture such as bollards and bicycle racks arrived this week.

When it comes to the new council administration building, the recently-installed crane has been put to work helping with construction of the lift and stair core, and formwork for the jump system.

The jump system will climb higher as the new administration centre takes shape around it.

Other work carried out on the administration building part of the redevelopment in the past week includes:

  • Detail excavation of footings and continued pile trimming
  • Footings construction
  • Work on in-ground drainage
  • Removal of excess fill and concrete rubble

Businesses within the Nicholas St precinct remain open during the construction.

The concrete slab infill for the opening of the removed travelator.

Paver installation in progress.

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