Nicholas St update: Paving the way for reinstated road

The reinstated Nicholas Street continues to edge closer to completion with workers on the redevelopment focusing on road paving this week.

It comes on the back of the installation of streetscape paving, lighting, street furniture and tactile elements in recent weeks.

Paving of the pedestrian areas has been completed and fencing on the lower two thirds of the road is expected to be removed this week.

Visitors to the precinct can expect easier access in the weeks ahead.

Library lift and staircase work in progress.

For crews on the civic plaza part of the project, the past week has included the seventh concrete slab pour and preparation for an eighth pour.

Formwork for the jump system for basement one and ground floor levels of the new council administration building was also a focus this week.

Other work on the administration building part of the project this week has included ongoing drainage install, foot detail excavation and pile trimming.

There are currently 105 workers on site.

Businesses within the Nicholas St precinct remain open during construction.

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  1. Now what I would like to see is a way to get from the Riverheart Parklands parking lot onto the Walk Bridge. It would save us the trouble of having to park in the Mall Parking lot and clogging up traffic in that area. It should not be so hard to make a little ramp. We could then extend our walk/run by including the walk bridge which provides such beautiful views over the river.

  2. Here, here. I agree completely. It would also make it safer for students walking to Riverlink from Mary’s, Eddie’s etc. 👍👍

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